Australian workers rise against their own unions! It’s starting!

Angry construction workers are furious at the Construction Unions collaboration with government against worker’s rights! #holdtheline

Written by Aussie Cossack


  1. To anyone who cares.

    I just received this info, so passing it on. 🙏🏼✨☮️

    Hi Everyone,

    It appears that the Supreme Court case against Mandatory Vaccination has been brought forward by 10 days and will commence tomorrow (21st) at 9.30. There is a media blackout!

    At the first, very boring hearing there were nearly 500,000 people watching on youtube. It is critical that tomorrow there are gozillions of people from all over the world who are watching.

    9.30am sydney time
    Al-Munir Kassam v Bradley Ronald Hazzard

    I find if you just go to Supreme Court NSW at youtube you get there easily.

    I know that some of you have had the vaccine but I am sending this anyway as the issue is about 'mandatory' which is the spearhead for much bigger issues.

    Please send this out far and wide. We might not get another chance.
    We will see what happens tomorrow.

  2. Where was this guy when the cops come, that’s what I want to know.
    He made a great speak, went indoors with those maggots and we didn’t see him again.
    Who is he, and where did he go?

  3. Lmfao, now take five, regroup, and remember who to focus the fight on. I’m starting to become impressed by the Australian people. Pay back is a mother fucker, do not comply. The authorities will show their true colors and intentions soon. Be prepare for them to bring violence on the people because they will get desperate. Keep fighting Australia, this is a worldwide movement now.

  4. I have sporting memorabilia in my mancave, but i'd also like to meet aussie cossack for a photo one time as you're just as much of a legend as my sporting heros! Keep up the good work!

  5. My heartfelt support for these brave Aussies, from Greece. The issue is this kind of pressure needs to be sustained. I am truly appalled looking at what Australia has become. God bless you guys. Keep up the fight.

  6. Of course they are sold out
    Bob Hawke organised the Fabian fascist socialist to run Australia
    Now under labour fascist Dan corrupt autocrat and unions
    "What do you call 1000 union leaders and politicians at the bottom of the ocean"
    "A good start"

  7. Fuck Yugostralia.
    This has gone far enough. Thousands of families fled to this country to escape TYRANNY!
    Support and God bless these men. The fight has only just begun.

  8. The laws are the problem and the regulation. The regulator is paid by the employer? The employer is regulated by the regulator? The govt collect the money and are the mafia in control of the network. The employer pays them money and it's all cool. The union will never fight the money bags, they're probably the traitors doing two faced deals on both sides and getting rich. The pyramid is in all of society. The top cream protected, the rest stay oppressed. It's how they remain up top and never will the peasants rise. They have all the weapons to keep the peasants down. What does it all go back to? The politicians who make the laws. They are like the insurance underwriters ensuring you are ripped off and the insurance collects all the money pretending you're covered until you claim and suddenly there's fine print.

  9. I’m happy workers stood up for there rights today and took a stance, but that piece of shit on the shoulders with the megaphone is the bloke who kicked the dog.

  10. Men working on construction sites should never place their bodies at risk from unproven jabs. Walking on construction beams without safety lines. What happens if they should take a turn from the jabs. Next stop will be 6 feet under. It is as bad as making pilots take the jabs.