Australian World Economic Forum panelist calls to recalibrate human rights and free speech

Speaking on a panel during the World Economic Forum Australia’s eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant says we need a “recalibration” of a whole range of human rights, specifically targeting free speech & the right to data protection.

Who do these people think they are?

Prior to her appointment by the Australian government Julie Inman Grant had public policy and safety roles in the tech industry at Microsoft & Twitter.
Commissioner Inman Grant was reappointed for a further 5-year term by the Australian Government in January 2022.

Written by Real Rukshan


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  1. Start rising up against authoritarian regimes attempting to take away your basic human rights. That’s the new world order. Everyone needs to stand up for themselves against all governments.

  2. Translation: “half the population doesn’t agree with our ideology, so we need to silence them and make it a crime to have their viewpoints”.

  3. Online violence, is that when you hear of read something you don't like. How about the right to free speech shall not be infringed.
    Harden up or go to another forum and suck on your pacifier until you calm down. FFS

  4. Who even knew who this woman was or her position before now? And what do we find? She's s WEF totalitarian psychopath. I submit that if anyone's freedom of speech should be 'recalibrated', it should be hers first.

  5. Really, so the world's population is jacked into monopolistic social media platforms and aren't allowed to question the big issues like manmade viruses and billionaire psychopaths who are using the state to blackmail us into full compliance. And this dunce wants to pretend like what we need is more restrictions on the exchange of information? Dark times.

  6. This videos achieve nothing. Yes, it's "nice" to be able to see what they're saying but it's not like we are discovering some huge conspiracy here. They are saying it openly, in the camera, not hiding anything, for years now. "Yes, but it's going to wake people up!" No it's not. Us commenting here already know all this shit that's coming and the sheep don't care. Show this to someone you know that he/she has been obedient for the last 3 years, got vaxxed, wore a mask, supported lockdowns, been genuinely scared they'll die from convid, willingly gave up their freedoms… then watch their reaction.

  7. I am enjoying your work. Just stand up to Avi's bullying of you. I'm not being woke….he even said on Rebel news how he bullies you all the time.
    You are better than him that's for sure.

  8. Wake up people, you’re dangerously close to slavery forever. These psycho 👿individuals believe they know what is best for worldwide humanity and our future. They’re planning our demise

  9. It´s an never ending flow of nutjobs coming from Australia. It´s like they belong in some sort of cult or something very similar to the one Klaus Schwab is organising.

  10. This btch is a bloody senior adviser to the Australian government. It is absolutely no wonder that Australia has failed to a totalitarian, fascist, dictatorship, with bureaucrats like this.

  11. Who dose she think she is. Time to pay these people a visit…..We know who they are and where they live. Let’s talk I can’t remember having a social contract with you.

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