Australian’s Insanely High Taxes

It’s tax time everyone. I’m sure everyone is happy to pay taxes. Oh and don’t forget taxes are due in a few days.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. in 1982 I paid a visit to 7 or 8 tax agents and asked a simple question. "Do you do creative accounting ?" I found one who was willing and I stayed with him for 26 years.

  2. That's why the absolute best way to protest the way this country is going is to get yourself off the ATO subscription model. They don't care what people complain about because they know their tax dollars are still rolling in.

  3. I've just de registered my small business for gst. I'll save $2600 per year in quarterly book keeping fees plus another $6000 in gst payments. And I get a two month holiday each year to stay under that pesky $75k threshold.😂

  4. Income Tax
    Goods and Services Tax
    Capital Gains Tax (a tax on realised gains after you take a risk)
    Fuel Excise (Tax)
    Tobacco Tax
    Alcohol Tax
    Stamp Duty on Houses (Purchase Tax)
    Stamp Duty on Cars (Purchase Tax)
    Rates (local government tax on your home ownership)
    Land Tax
    Medicare Levy (an additional tax on top of your income tax for the public health system)

    Inflation (a stealth tax on your money managed by the RBA)

    Don’t forget superannuation, you know the money they take off you and give to their friends in big business!

    Will there be an unvaxxed-tax, you know because your an extra potential load on the health care system?

  5. Heize, does it not all average out? Denmark makes more salary, pays higher rent, higher tax. In the end can we not all buy 100 loaves of bread for 20% of our wages no matter what country we are in?

  6. Last election labor telling us we need to pay higher taxes for climate change haha shorten is a disgrace, if we pay more tax they get bigger pay rise and employ more government workers ( branch stacker jobs), paying more tax doesn’t fix the climate

  7. I used to like Australia, but now it seems it's turned into a mini Trumpland. You're all a bunch of uneducated right-wing lunatics. I guess that's what happens when you get your education from Rupert Murdoch and his crazy associates.

  8. Start cutting all the obscene politician perks. The politicians have not earned and do not deserve even a small percentage of the money they steal from taxpayers

  9. BADT (Bank Account debits tax) remove tax office, GST, accountants, tax avoidance like property investment and bin the tax laws, start from scratch. Restrict financial institutions passing funds overseas, remove excise on most all stuff produced 100% in Australia and implement Citizen initiated referenda with an extra sheet at Stae & Federal elections. 3 voting slips. reps. senate and 3-4 referendum boxs to tick or choose multiple choice.