Australia’s China Problem

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

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Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
UNSW photo courtesy Sardaka, University of Sydney photo courtesy Jason Tong


Written by Wendover Productions

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  1. China refers to Australia as New China and if China attains world super power status and replaces the USA, Australia will be taken over for their natural resources and will become New China!!

  2. China only became an economic heavyweight since early 1990, and its the western nations that made them rich when they joined the so-called "I scratch your back, you scratch mine". The stupid economic trade agreement and China offered cheap-slave labor 10 cents a day wages.
    Then Australia is already a rich country without China. What makes you think Oz is nothing without China? China has a big population to feed, the only assets they have are their aging people and their cheap labor! Without Australia, they will never have any quality products they need in China and they will starve! There are so many countries in the world that can buy and trade with Australia, not just China. The world is a big place… Australia will be fine! But China will not be … cities without people, aging populations. They have nearly 1.5 (rounded) billion people, and if there are 30 million millionaires or billionaires, what happened to the rest? There are more poor people in China who live below the poverty line than in the rest of the world! The communist government is hiding them like the rest of the things going on in China that we don't know. You cannot trust communists!
    They have more problems than Australia! They hate Australia because they cannot influence the Prime Minister and control this country, and they were caught spying and hacking and stealing secrets and intellectual properties. Shame!

  3. s socialits are desperately trying to make the USA a socialist country. Socialism has never worked for any society at anytime in history and has alwys signaled its decline.

  4. Australia's biggest problem that it has with China is that China is well positioned to invade Australia and more so every day. And by the way, ownership of land and agriculture, not gold or other types of mining is what propelled the settlement of the United States.

  5. Australia has to follow the example of Israel for its defence. We are in a geographical area on which a few of our neighbours would love to get rid of us if they have the possibility and take over our land, resources, people, culture, values, etc. We are a very small nation in terms of population, but we are ingenious, resilient and successful. We have to build deterrents and arm ourselves in the same way Israel has done it; our survival in the next Century is at stake and there's a very big, hungry and vindictive Panda interested in our resources and land. And its no secret that the only way they can keep growing is to ensure a steady supply of food, natural resources and raw materials from smaller and manipulable nations.

  6. The Chinese CCP UNRESTRICTED WARFARE is very irresponsible, a crime to humanity, a gross violation and destruction of the very essence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and is state sponsored terrorism: encompassing bioterrorism, economic sabotage, political sabotage, destruction of values of the youth, victimizes and exploits the poor, destruction of the very essence of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, denying or controllign right to correct information, illegal occupation, murder and destruction of religious objects, killing and murder of unarmed and unprotected civilians. Xi Jinping, the architect of unrestricted warfare, is in all respects a terrorist and a criminal. He should be put in trial for all his crimes, from Dr. Li Wenliang to all those who have and continue to suffered around the world. Xi Jnping is a murderer of his critics to hold on to personal ego, power and greed.

  7. So China plan on getting things from other countries they better hope those countries don’t get dark on them, early days China! They are taking over Africa I’d imagine

  8. Support Australia! The world is accelerating de-China! It's better not to have a relationship with a country you don't trust! from Japan ????? ???

  9. Australia sells resources to China and educates Chinese students. Shocking stuff mate. Drop video on Canada selling resources to America next and blow our minds professor.

  10. While many of the issues associated with China's colonization of China are presented here, the analysis ultimately degrades to neoliberal solipsims, such that Austrailia cannot "afford" to exist without granting suzerain status to the CCP.

    Of course Australia can continue to exist without being the next integral part of the Motherland to be annexed with the caveat that it's historically always been an integral part of the Motherland. Australia's economy can become more devoted to sustainable development and linkages with other sustainable locales can replace ecocidal economies that ultimately generate profits which aggrandize to elites.

  11. the chinese power supply for my computer monitor nearly started a fire. Can we buy all our cheap crap from some other country like inda or make it our selves. We sell them good quality ores and gas and waste it manufacturing rubbish. Lets ban all chinese imports and put a 10% tax on all raw material exports to china.