Australia’s Natural Gas Dilemma

Australia is the world’s leading exporter of liquefied natural gas or LNG.

In 2020, the country exported $25 billion worth of natural gas to markets in Asia.

Interestingly enough, the country also occasionally suffers from natural gas shortages in their own markets at home. It is a demonstration of the country’s sprawling size, bountiful natural resources, and complicated energy politics.

In this video, I want to talk about how the land down under became one of the world’s biggest natural gas exporters.

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  1. Keystone XL was sold as an oil pipline, not a means of shipping LNG. The environmental concerns are drastically different. Most importantly it would be made to sell Canadian oil to the world market, leaving the US to bear the risk of spills while seing none of the energy.

  2. 1:49 – "Let's pause a bit to talk about gas…" – well, BEFORE we start to "talk about gas" let's talk about "whad'ya mean by gas?" first, shall we?
    You seem to freely mix – or confuse – two "concepts" behind "natural gas" term – one is CRUDE gas, which is just as you said – a mixture of mostly methane (CH4), ethane (C2H6), propane (C3H8), butane (C4H10), some nitrogen and hydrogen sulphide (H2S). And while it may contain some hexane (C6H14) vapours (!) it can't contain A LOT of it since anything from "C5" (pentane, boiling point ca 36°C/ 97°F) is basically a liquid (unless it's a solid, for even higher C count).
    Hexane (hex- , Greek for "six") has a boiling point of approximately 69 °C (156 °F).

    And at any rate ANYTHING containing H2S can't be described as "odourless" (2:03 – BTW, pentane also has a distinctive smell), and if something contains "a lot" of higher hydrocarbons it just can't be "lighter than air".
    Unless, that is, by "natural gas" you mean METHANE – a "purified version" of natural gas, which is often condensed into LNG, liquefied *natural gas*. Then yes, it is colourless, odourless, and lighter than air – but doesn't contain H2S, lot of hexane, or anything like that.

    Yes, I know, this is not "chemistry lecture" – but then again this comment here isn't "about chemistry", it is about "accuracy" and "verification" of material BEFORE recording and publishing it.

  3. Too many dumb and dumber in the Australian Government like the billions spent building a desalination plant that was never used then billions more to decommission it. Gee how stupid was that? Most of Australia is dry like California.

  4. Man i need to be honest with you. I’m not really interested in any of the topics you make videos about. But it’s still not boring enough to be annoyed and you have such a calming voice. I always use your videos to fall asleep. In fact: It’s in my sleep routine to watch your videos 😀
    So thank you for letting me fall asleep every single day on time xD

  5. Hey friends. What is the current Australian policy on cars using CNG/LNG? I know the government paid for all the taxis to be converted, but still don't see vehicles using it.
    California force/subsided conversation of diesel vehicles to CNG from a pollution mandate. They also are collecting home compost and are converting it to methane. Again, not widely published m.

  6. Australian natural resources are abundant, yet the move towards renewables has state and federal governments not allowing us to use them , a consequence of that is that we now have domestically some of the highest energy prices in the world. Our move towards renewables has been too fast as we have been hit with power shortages particularly in the peak periods, the shut down of coal fired power stations has been way too fast as it has left us without cheap base load electricity. I accept the fact that eventually we’ll have to go green, but the transition has been too quick. Renewables have proved to be unreliable, solar and wind farms are expensive to build and maintain and very expensive for the end user. I think gas and nuclear power plants are the best option to generate cheap affordable electricity.

  7. The truth of the matter is that politicians in the West and the US including Australia (Australia which is psychologically totally confused and suffering from an identity crisis as it thinks it is "west" when the reality is that it is geographically part of Asia!!!), are still stuck in their mental capacity and attitude in the glory days of "empire" 5-6 centuries ago.
    They may have learned to wear Gucci suits nowadays but nothing else seem to have evolved in their psyche and consciousness from their barbarian days. Instead of recognising their sordid past and history , they celebrate their delusions like "Thanksgiving Day" which the Native American Indians rightly and clearly remember and commemorate as their "Day of Mourning" being the beginning of the murdering, genociding, plundering, stealing, raping and ultimately, OCCUPATION , of their land uninvited, without any due compensation even till today.
    But these thieves and robbers take a lot of pride in the stories they tell themselves and sell to the world how great their "founding" was!!! Same stories with the "Empire" where the sun never sets. Australia with the Aborigines. New Zealand with their Maoris. The African continent with all those Europeans……… goes on and on. This is the 21st Century , for chrissakes! Grow up and come out of that sick and primitive mentality of never ending desire to dominate, control and subjugate.
    The zillions of dollars spent on wars and "defence" and the other zillions being hoarded by the 1% is more than sufficient to provide every human being on the planet a very decent and never anything wanting life on this planet with the healthiest and cleanest environment. And we pride ourselves as being the only creature on earth with the intelligence, consciousness and capacity of free will and choice. And these sick politicians choose never ending squabbles, tensions and wars!!! Go figure.

    Expert:The U.S. in no position to be the cardinal arbiter of what democracy is

    German expert: Different systems can cooperate if united by interest of all of mankind
    Ex-CIA director Pompeo: 'We lied, we cheated, we stole'
    Gen Wesley Clark Reveals US Plan To Invade Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, And Iran
    Julian Assange on Afghan war in a 2011 video

    It is not important to measure democracy by Western standards scholar
    How Britain Stole Hong Kong and Forced China to Buy Heroin

    Justice may be delayed, but it will not be denied.

    Drone Whistleblower Daniel Hale Says Crisis of Conscience Motivated Leak

    A reality check: Exporting war under veil of democracy Uyghur Tribunal: US-Funded Theater Attacking China
    The Uyghur Tribunal: US-funded Theater (Complete References)
    American activist and social media expert Jerry Day has called on the American nation to recognize the war crimes the U.S. government, military and corporate deep-state have committed in the Middle East and rest of the world. “They [U.S.] are simply bombing whatever they want to bomb, killing whoever they want to kill, destroying whatever they choose to destroy without legal grounds. We are the new global villain," said Day. Broken Treaties
    The Warmonger's Legacy

    Biden, like Trump, breaks international law, violating UN neutrality by blocking countries

    World Debt Clocks

    From 1964 to 1973, the U.S. dropped more than two million tons of ordnance on Laos during 580,000 bombing missions—equal to a planeload of bombs every 8 minutes, 24-hours a day, for 9 years – making Laos the most heavily bombed country per capita in history. The bombings were part of the U.S. Secret War in Laos to support the Royal Lao Government against the Pathet Lao and to interdict traffic along the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The bombings destroyed many villages and displaced hundreds of thousands of Lao civilians during the nine-year period.
    Five years ago, the US forces, using the fake intelligence of a staged video by “White Helmets” as evidence, conducted the so-called “most precise air strikes in history” in Syria, killing more than 1,600 innocent civilians. In recent years, the international community has been calling for investigations into the killing of civilians in the US’ overseas military operations. On Syria alone, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic pointed out several times in its reports in September 2019 and February 2021 that the US failed to distinguish military targets from civilians in its air strikes in Syria, which gravely violates international humanitarian law and may constitute war crimes. However, the US government has been turning a deaf ear to all this. 
    According to reports, over the past nearly two decades, the US conducted over 90,000 air strikes in countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, which may have killed up to 48,000 civilians. But the US military time and again covered up the facts and refused to apologize, admit its crimes or hold the perpetrators accountable. It did everything possible to evade its responsibilities.
    On the drone strike of civilians in Afghanistan, a Pentagon spokesperson said openly in December 2021 that no US soldiers will face disciplinary action over it. The US media also disclosed at the end of last year that from 2014 to 2019, the US military turned its guns on farmers in the middle of harvest, children playing in the streets, families fleeing the fighting and villagers taking shelter in buildings. These disastrous crimes were deliberately concealed and whitewashed. US media revealed last year that according to the US military’s own confidential assessments of more than 1,300 reports of civilian casualties, civilian casualties in US air strikes have been “significantly undercounted”. Larry Lewis, a Director at the Center for Naval Analyses (CNA) of the US said that on average at least one incident of civilian harm has happened every week since 9/11.
    There has been an overall pattern of negligence with regard to the US government on the issue of civilian harm. The US has also obstructed the International Criminal Court’s investigations into its war crimes in Afghanistan.  Every human life, regardless of nationality, race, religion or values, is equal and precious. The US should earnestly respond to the strong call of the international community, conduct a credible, independent and impartial investigation into civilian casualties caused by US air strikes, and hold the people concerned accountable.

    The End of American Exceptionalism

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    GLOBALink | Malawian president lauds China for waiving African countries' interest-free loans
    World Debt clocks

  8. Most OZ Baron dig it up mine it all extract all the resources below make the Middle of Oz sink like usa is atm 3-6" a year from extracting too much water below
    Maybe then the middle mite form huge lakes that take the flood waters from Qld floods –

  9. From what I understand Australians have a very complicated relationship with nuclear power, and are thus still incredibly reliant on fossil fuels in part thanks to this. Industry demand is also difficult to satiate with renewables, which are more suitable to domestic consumtion profiles, but gas power can quickly take care of demand peaks so I guess it can work out.

  10. Missed the true malfunction of Australian government corruption. Intermittent wind and solar is not a replacement for baseload on-demand coal and natural gas.

    The political corruption on the 'right' but insane GW nescience delusion of the left blocks true energy infrastructure. To force excess low capacity power links to wind and solar. But of course, the wind varies wildly in the day and season. Solar goes off at night. But also can not be counted on.

    The long power links do not solve the fundamental fatal defect of intermittent and periodic excess wind and solar. It rather pushes the fatal defect of intermittent power by dilution. At the cost of long inefficient and fragile transmission power links.

    Finally, the amount of power coming from grossly inferior intermittent wind and solar is absurdly overstated. As intermittent wind and solar go beyond the rational therefore honestly level of generation penetration, superior natural gas, coal, and nuclear plants are forced to pay the massive cost. By running inefficiently and in the case of coal, below clean optimum burn. This is why co2 is not in reality reduced.

    This corruption is nothing more than zombie conditioning a large segment of the population. Via a political tautology that intermittent is anything more than a minor supplement generation source.

    Protected by fully delusional GW hysterics. Who believe like all good fascists the real world is determined by political will. Including the laws of thermodynamics.

    This is not a bad recap. But as the author is uninformed, there is a baseless assumption that power in general is 100% fungible. Which it is not.

    Rational or not corrupt electrical grid management is trade-offs. It is possible to reduce costs, ensure grid stability and reduce co2. But this requires a media that cares about objective reality. Or put another way values their character and therefore honor.

    It is a cruel political corruption joke that Australia with massive resources and a tiny population has energy shortages and cost spikes. Which is a function of blocked investment in real energy infrastructure like dependable super efficient and clean natural gas pipelines. Plus solid fuel diversification to ensure interruption or peak demand events that disrupt natural gas volumes can be covered.

    Wake up Anglosphere. We are ruled by the political zombie herd masters. We must find a cure for A Neviell and Lix Clayman political zombieism. In the American trouble with political zombie herds.

  11. American corporations raping Australian resources in many areas , gas is just one. We agreed to allow development of our Australian has fields on the promise of more than plenty for local market , but we were lied to. On this basis as a future independent senator , I will be implementing nationalisation of international company assets and ensuring local market supply prior to any export permit issuance. Current permits will be suspended. If international rapist corporations want to steal our resources and evade tax , that's ok , Australia will take your corporate tax evaded shiz and kick you out , happily 👍⚠️ as drunk on profit from others resources, American pirates, should be .

  12. It's amazing how western society's have allowed corrupt treasonous greedy companies to siphon off natural resources & sell them to adversaries, even during times of domestic shortages. Some free market principles & contract arrangements need to be respected, but concern for domestic interests & allies should take priority, not perverse corporate profits & unencumbered global markets.

  13. LOL what about how Australia brainwashed East Timor to gain independence from Indonesia and stealing their resource then gonna leave it as poor country? 😂😂😂😂 now.. would you like to brainwashe people of Papua????

  14. I've spent a few weeks at Gorgon for a job before. Two interesting facts about the project. The refinery is built on a class A nature reserve. Getting on the island requires extremely strict environmental quarantine. They also have 3 C02 liquidfication and ground injection lines in the project. So far I think it is only used to pump back the CO2 generated from the gas extraction. As with everything in the LNG business there is controversy and rumors abound.

  15. Hi and thanks from Australia. Ironically, we still burn coal in the east instead of gas; and renewables have been left aside for far too long.
    Question though: Couldn't there be a pipeline between Telfer in WA and Mereenie in NT? It'd still be 1000 km long and probably run through Aboriginal lands, but would close the loop to the eastern pipelines.
    No offence, but I had a giggle at 12:06: Brizz-burn and Mel-bun. 🤭

  16. It's a wonder that it still hasn't lost access to the world's fastest growing gas market – China's. It already lost it's coal export to China. It's status as a staunch member of the Western alliance doesn't help it much down there South of East Asia.

  17. I should have known it was the conservatives who kicked it off with massive tax breaks…

    Imagine if we had treated our resources boom the way the Norwegians did – we’d have a sovereign wealth fund of amazing proportions, but instead we let the corporations take off with the cash leaving us with energy shortages at home…

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