Australia’s New Lockdowns Are REAL & INSANE: Listen To These 5 Testimonials Of Aussies.

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  1. Hey love, thank you for all the information. This is CRAZY, I don't know how we here in America are going stop this. What are these new lock downs those people are getting charged

  2. "The virus/the pandemic" is a cover story to roll out neo-communist tyranny – house arrest, military on the streets, drones in the sky, internal passports, restrictions on foreign travel, planned food shortages and starvation.

  3. I still can't believe the mask issues when all of the studies show masking is ineffective against an airborne virus. It isn't about health. These rulers have another reason for masking. Same as jab for health….no. if it were about health, these rulers would have issued the prophylactic drugs for everyone. I, myself, have to quit using the word pandemic. It is now endemic and it's here forever.

  4. When is America going to start marching for Australia we March for everything else.
    I said this before that guy speech now I really do want to March for them

  5. I know you're upset with Trump Anomaly, a lot if people are and justifiably so, but you need to know that his biggest achievement was waking the world up to how are politics are run and the way our media have been controlling us, something that would never have happened without him. He has a massive silent following here in Australia and we are watching you guys closely, If America falls to a socialist take over the world will fall with you unfortunately.

  6. Thanks for bringing these interviews to light.

    I live outside Breckenridge. Summit County is the county of all the towns in the area. Summit County locals are 80% shot up. I am not in that percentage. That fact has left everyone running around maskless because they feel safe because they are "immune". It's not actually protesting although there are those that go maskless. Limited mask mandates are starting up again and passports are starting to be required for some businesses. I expect this will ramp up over the next month or so. Because there is a perceived idea of herd immunity here, the health commissioner is blaming unvaccinated tourists for the increase in cases saying that our high vaccination rate is being diluted to just below 70% because of unvaccinated visitors. I am a local musician and one venue is passport only now. See ya! People don't ask and I don't tell, but if some people knew "I didn't", my head would be on a stick. The pressure to submit here is huge.

  7. remember when the UN was supposed to combat human atrocities? Governments are making war upon their own people. They need a rescue. Their government is talking concentration camps

  8. I hear the Australian and New Zealand Governments are pissed because people aren't getting the "jab" . I thought I heard somewhere that it's in the 20 something % range who have had "it". No wonder Government has gone ballistic with harder and harder Draconian mandates.

  9. Thank you and please continue to wake people up to the tyranny going on in the world. Please do more call ins fom all over the world even the US.

  10. The actual leaders of the free world who remembers are very tired and very few. We are tired because everyone just calls us liars. We are a minority today we are outnumbered by 300 million people. You cant remember something you have no idea ever happened I guess it is why God says am I to teach babes just weaned from the breast. No it depends completely on us and again we were overcome. We cannot warn people when they think you are liars.

  11. CHINA said they will create WW3 using a bio weapon coronavirus against the world and that we wouldn't even know we were at war. China has created this mess and not a single country is doing anything about it. They're attacking their own citizens chasing their tails but not going after the root cause of this problem teaching China they can just do it again and again and again and we are so weak that we are not going to do anything. But our citizens are the abused so each country, each state, each City is attacking their citizens because their citizens are too weak. It's easier than attacking China. These leaders are so stupid or so smart that they have a greater plan to eliminate us and see each of us humand as insignificant as ant colonies…. But they say it's for our best interests to continue the brainwashing and control

  12. Wow, you can get a ticket for not carrying a muzzle on you, insane! Australia needs to step up, the US is completely brainwashed and will not be saving anyone from this tyranny, sadly.

  13. I hope it happens here. I think that it would be the inflection point to get people to get off there asses and put there foot down. Plus the Biden administration knows they are the super minority and it will take 1 incident where the people are getting totally screwed and we the people will stand up to fight. Look at the race critical nonsense and the local meeting's.. together we were win.. divided we fall..

  14. Well, I posted the truth in a concise manner here 15 min ago and my "comment failed to post" numerous times. I take that as a high compliment that the AI algorithms know when their evil transhumanism agenda is being explained clearly for the unawakened or unresearched. ????Clearly you tube days are numbered for Anomaly if he continues to do the righteous and compassionate activism. Onwards to in person living and weeding out the true alternative platforms that won' t sell out. Block Chain is digital and mental and physical slavery. Cryptic crypto is part of that hell ride. Make the connections people . Think outside the web.??

  15. The number of protesters must grow. There were over 200k protesters in France and even this number has to grow. There should also be more testimonials of people from all ages who got side effects after taking the vaccine. I watched a few on a French youtube channel. Women with unusual premenstrual issues, heavy cramps they never got, thyroid pbs,… There was also a doctor who lost both his sister and his brother-in-law a couple days after they took the vaccine at the hospital.