Australia’s Prison Riot

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  1. Cops are going to start dying. Next time the group rushes the police it will likely be cival war. With the cops scattered through the crowd, nothing's to stop the ctizens from smacking them in the head with a bat or crowbar. A few stabs or a slash with a knife. The police are use to policeing soft citizens. When the Aussies start fighting back for real (and lets face it, it's only a mater of time before the powder keg is sparked) it's going to be brutal and bloody.

  2. Protest tip of the day; Vic police only have spines when they outnumber their targets by at least two to one. Tilt the numbers, and the blue turns yellow.

    The fucking prawns the instant they realise that the prisoners aren't locked in here with the wardens, and that Wolf Creek 2 isn't a horror film. It's an instruction manual.

  3. You will be interested to note that the media has now also suggested that the construction workers have been infiltrated by nazi right wing white supremacy types/ Probably the vast majority of those protesting i suspect voted Labour who are in power in Victoria (Left wing) – and the media is trying to put forward the view that they are mainly right wing nazis

  4. nothing summarizes authoritarianism better than a picture of food strewn across a police car like its contraband

    if this continues, something worse than communist russia or north korea is going to take place

  5. The footage of all the tradies sitting in the streets was earlier and it wasnt a strike. The local victorian goverment put a ban on lunch and break rooms for covid reasons with little actual justificatation. So the tradies just dragged all the tables and chairs into the streets and had launch there.

    This was earlier before the vaccine mandate was enforced on the industry

  6. Keep going Australia. Every day, every day be in their faces. Shouldn't have let them disarm you, but if every day they have this they can get worn down. Like those running police down. Just make sure not to go the BLM route and destroy private property. But, shit keep protesting and throw the cops on their asses if they want to be tyrannical. Shit it works for our overlords lets give them some of the same medicine.

  7. Keep an eye on what is happening in Australia. Oz and New Zealand have small populations and are very isolated islands. This is why they were chosen as testing grounds. What’s happening there is coming to the UK, the US, Canada and EU.
    After 20 years, the army was not pulled from Afghanistan just to leave all that lithium for the Chinese. They have brought the troops back to use against our own populations. First there will be shortages; fuel, food, etc. Troops will be used to assist, to drive trucks to keep supply chains going. What really is happening is they’re getting you conditioned to having troops on the streets before they turn them loose on you. Mark my words. Prepare.

  8. Thanks for continuing to follow what's happening down here in Vic. There is an overall feeling of lockdown fatigue here, and everyone I know supports the protesters. I'd say I support them or go to a protest but I don't want the police knocking at my door. I'm currently in my final year of high school and besides the constant, unpredictable lockdowns that have caused my grades and senior school experience to go out of the window, I was also forced to get vaccinated since if I didn't I wouldn't be able to attend my final exams. On top of that I can't get a job and will have to compete with all the laid off hospitality workers once things do open up. My dad is a bricklayer and now he can't work for two weeks at a time when money is tight. My mum is a tram driver in Melbourne, and she tells me sometimes she goes into work and just sits around all day doing nothing since she isn't allowed to drive when protests are happening. Daniel Andrews has ruined our economy by chasing an unobtainable 'covid zero' target. I asked my grandfather who had lived through communist Poland if things were as bad then as they are now, and he said to me 'at least in Poland I could go where I wanted'. I should mention that we now have a 10 kilometre range, not just 5. Thanks for that Herr Andrews.
    Anyway, thanks again for continuing to make videos on Victoria and Australia in general. Our state has turned into an authoritarian shithole, but we aren't going to sit down and take it anymore. The fear has turned into anger.

  9. my favourite is the absolute cope people are giving me here for what’s going on especially when those same people were happy to watch the US burn from blm and antifa it’s amazing what team sports politics does to you😂

  10. As Australian people, what do we do? Half believe the mainstream media word for word, which called the protestors 'professional rioters' and 'neo-nazis'. Some people even believe that they deserved to be shot with those weapons, even when they were running away from them and dispersing… We need help and for more people to bring attention to this or else I agree – our liberties will be lost maybe forever.

  11. have you guys covered 'ptsd farm near bath raided by 200 police' the police raided ex military they put a red dot on a babies head from a gun and laughed when the puppies died and a host of other illegal stuff.