Australia’s productivity is at a 60 year low

The past ten year has seen Australia’s lowest productivity in over 60 years.

The Grattan Report:


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  1. I work in IT in Canberra. I got screwed by Tony Abbot from 2013 to 2015. It is now costing the government double to four times more to fix the issues he "saved government spending" from in that period.

  2. Workers have been producing but small businesses have a failure rate of 60% gone in 3 years. That’s a drag on everyone but its never mentioned. Time for a serious rethink about how small businesses fit into the economy & the $$ incentives they receive from government.

  3. Ever picked fruit? You can only do it for a couple of years and then your back is ruined for the rest of your life. Also the farmers try and pay below award and get rid of you as soon as a backpacker comes along so they don't have to pay tax. There is a reason why farmers can't get any workers. The conditions and the pay are poor.

  4. OMG é Power-Phull Orrrsé-Strâylêans


  5. Michael brilliantly expressed. More immigration to push the wages down and and the property ponzi growing and more debt slaves to service banks profits whist more of our people are being pushed out on to street. Australia from self sufficient in every industry now holes houses and service and the fruits of our resource rich nation offshored tax dodged minimal royaltys and even subsidised by the Aussie taxpayer to benifit the economy of other nations whist our national interest and out people are are bled dry.

  6. I can't imagine the slap in the face of being a retired person, busted your arse your whole life and being told you need to pick fruit 'cos a racist prick wont let in seasonal immigrants and he has no substantive vision for the future and is actively anti-science and green economy. Wait yes I can. I'm on DSP. Indignity is a daily occurrence.

  7. I'm at 00:31 and would it not be a bad thing for the grey nomads to be fruit pickers? I'm not a fan of Dutton or the Liberal party for that matter. But if they're travelling around, why not utilise them? I'm sure they'd enjoy the work (those who want to) and the pay may supplement some others.

  8. It's all a Joke. Tony Abbott wonted expensive BMW'S foreign car's. He also wanted CASH 💰💸 for his Catholic church. So he closed permanently the Australian Car manufacturing industry. We don't even a fridge anymore. 😠

  9. Its not that peoples income isnt high enough or things are too expensive, the real issue is that every government has overseen more and more taxes. Our tax brackets come from the 1970s when earning $50000 per annum was a very high income. These days every dollar each of us earns above $50000 per annum is taxed at the highest marginal rate, then ontop of that we have GST. The worry is inflation at say 6% comes out of your take home wage, wage growth is before tax, so even if wages go up 3.00%, you onky keep 1.50% of it.

  10. Why does the RBA cane home buyers with high interest rates. When wages are low, and it's business that is putting up prices that affect inflation. As i said the RBA canes home buyers. But investors in property get tax breaks. Maybe we should be giving home buyers tax relief to get a house. It's quite obvious that what they are doing does not work.

  11. So productivity is the new leftist catch cry. Tip. During this last lost decade, productivity went down because everyone is so well off. Look at this clown. He gets to work from home pretending to be a journalist. He so wants to work at the ABC. Pathetic. Journalism used to be about writing about the news, not freely dishing out political opinion.

  12. Dutton the buff head was useless in the last decade, stagnant wages and rising costs,,,Dutton was at the helm and blew it, he doesn’t have the credibility to lecture or even critique any further.

  13. This is not something that is restricted to Australia, many other developed countries have low productivity growth and Grattan point that out. One possible reason is the focus on keeping unemployment low means employing a lot of people who don't actually add much to GDP, which is what we've had with the services sector. I have no idea how much car wash businesses add to GDP, but I expect not much, so they would be considered to have low productivity. Maybe we should shut down all those businesses and tell the employees to upskill and build their own IT startup.

  14. Looking at the gambling company donations relative to their size in the economy is an absolute disgrace. We have the highest gambling losses per capita in the world and seeing this chart perfectly explains why.

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