Austria’s Drastic Authoritarianism In Response To Covid

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  1. The point here is that you are neither a doctor nor a scientist. The best you can do is to leave this kind of information to better-informed people. The pandemic is a health problem no a political one. You always blame the government for people's irresponsibility and stupidity believing in your garbage. The disease has been presented not as a health problem but as a political threat, which is really irresponsible. Conspiracies about the "government (elites) taking over the world through vaccination and social distancing" have caused this chaos; people don't want to get the vaccine because of the conspiracy theories. Uninformed people tell the rest of the world what to believe and what to do. You talk about "following science," but the truth is that you are the first to do the opposite. The best person to inform better about health issues to the people is their family doctor no you!.

  2. This plandemic has trashed the Bill of Rights and the U. S. Constitution. The only clause still in tact? The 2nd Amendment. Neither Australia nor Austria have anything close to it. I believe it may save the USA from total tyranny.

  3. The Vax was pushed as a cure, it has become obvious that it does not work, So,, what did they do ? They changed the definition of vaccine 🤣🤣
    Nothing makes sense because be its all a scam, it's BS ppl.

  4. 😙😂😃😋😙😃😋😄😙😄😙😄😙😋😄😙😋😄😚😄😚😋😋😄😚😋😄😚😋😄😚😋😄😚😄😚😋😄😚😋😄😚😋😚😋😄😎😚😄

  5. People cannot wrap their heads around it, because they keep calling it a Vaccine! When it's NOT a Vaccine.
    It would be like saying Robitussin is a Vaccine. lol It just lessens the symptoms, that's it.

    Unfortunately, we live in an age where the majority of people are incapable of thinking for themselves, and have limited to NO critical thinking skills at all. The Authorities are coming at Covid the same way a 6 year old does in screaming cooties in preschool at other children… cause our leaders have the mentality of a pack of 6 year olds.

  6. I like you Jimmy for your covering the stuff that needs to be covered. But you are not covering this very unfairly. For example you NEVER say this fact: 70% of the COVID patients on the ICU are unvaccinated. We in the Netherlands got to go in a new lockdown again because of unvaccinated people that flood our ICU's. So yeah, our patience is over because unvaccinated people are influencing my freedom at this moment. Get the fucking shot.

  7. all these countries making mandates, they're just making life easier for people like me, who will take advantage of any reason to stay away from people and wear a mask, because we just like masks and don't like people lol. there i admit it, i'm not afraid of covid at all; i just like the lifestyle changes its permitted me

  8. Anyone else noticing family/friends/co-workers who have been "vaccinated" acting weird? I have noticed many people who have had the jab being aggressive, angry, confused, discombobulated, unable to concentrate, very short tempered, etc…and these are people who did NOT act like this before. Anyone else seeing this?

  9. this is know different then the start of the holocaust. first they blamed jews for everything, said they were dirty and sick. Then the people went along with treating the jews worse and worse.

  10. Wow they really didnt learn anything from the last 80 years of history. Of all the countries in the world they should be the last to propose this. Im sure the average citizen is not happy about this but then in my country most people are happy to fall in line, the same ppl that less than 3 yrs ago were arguing for bodily autonomy.

  11. Autumn brings more covid19 scamdemic. Any lockdown will make the flu & cold season & depression worst. Remember klaus Schwab co-founder of World Economic Forum with David Rockafeller introduced the world to "new reset" was born in Barvaria . And birthplace of the mysterious illuminati.
    If people take the time to put the pieces together and navigate the tunnels of a prairie dog farm. Like a prairie dog farm all the tunnels are secretly connected.

  12. The fun stuff is, Austrian government is now selling why they "have to" pass a lawsuit about a vaccination mandate.

    There is some seriously creepy stuff going on. Stay tuned – watch human rights and democracy fail against a virus.

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