Authoritarian “Congresswoman” Threatens Matt Taibbi w/ Jail Over #TwitterFiles | SYSTEM UPDATE

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. It's sickening to see someone destroy her own soul, whether because of ambition, or greed, or emotional insecurity. That's what I see in this young woman, Virgin Islands Rep Plaskett – someone on the bottom rung of the power ladder – or maybe even lower than that – allowing herself to be used like this, to do the dirty work of the Democratic Party/Spook State establishment. I pity her. She's a nobody and will never be an anybody in that sick world but has sullied herself trying to climb up.

  2. if only she came up with this herself. the uniparty lawyers and apparatchic behind her force fed her this and she regurgitates it like the propagandist herself.

  3. amazing despite all that education, financial backing and specially having a diversified background, she is dumber than a doorknob and a cheap neocon tool.

  4. Glenn has it spot on. These people love totalitarianism. They love censorship. They love oppression. They love all of what we've uinversally reviled in the west for over a century. They are the wide eyed, true believing useful idiots of the revolution.

  5. our online discourse created nationwide violent riots, arson, attacks on police and federal buildings etc facilitated by twitter. and that moron is saying they're protecting citizens from violence?!! how up your own ass must one be?

  6. Ever since russiagate, or arguably since the Iraq war, our country is spirally into downfall at the hands of these corrupt and shockingly childish politicians. The shocking stories from DC never end, and the consequences never begin. I get the feeling we’re totally F’ed and the deeper our country sinks, the crackdown by our gov will only increase.

  7. The Hasan Show was not an interview. It was a 🤡 Show. For an individual to think the such a ‘performance’ by Hasan was newsworthy demonstrates she is nothing but another 🤡, just in a much much darker shade equating to that of pure 👿

  8. Politicians going after journalists means he's on the right track – can't trust those fake journalists that populate the press room at the white house

  9. I know I'll probably be waaaay in the minority here, but I tend to give at least some credibility to what Congressman Allred was proferring… essence, that social media has become such a cesspool of lies, misinformation, and deceit…..and combine that with the fact that general public out there does not have the cultivated intellect of Glenn or Matt, etc. in order to easily discern facts from bs, that perhaps some sort of censorship is actually necessary when it's not really all that hard for bad actors to influence elections, political positions, lifestyles, etc with their misrepresentations of the truth. Don't get me wrong…..I think the freedom of speech is one of the most valuable underpinnings of our democracy. However, I'm also a big proponent of the caveat that you can't yell fire in a crowded theater…….i.e. it's against the law to tell lies in order to stir up panic based on deceit. And indeed, it's this caveat that makes me at least lend an ear to reasoning like Congressman Allred's as he attempts to justify some sort of journalistic guidelines (call it censorship if you want) across the Wild West landscape of modern media. It really is brand new, you know.

  10. Matt Taibbi embarrassed himself, was desperate to do pr for an oligarch, to promote Twitter. How stupid are you? He made his bed, let him lay in it. He told lies, his stupid reporting was useless, and partisan. You, also compromised your journalist integrity for millions of dollars, Glenn. This is stupid.

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