Authoritarianism On The Rise – New Police State!!!!

Krystal Ball (Breaking Points) and I discuss the ongoing conflict and division and society’s moves towards authoritarianism and a police state.

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Written by Russell Brand


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  1. You can see when Russel's "wood" get aroused when Krystal throws out a big smile and her eyes glow. Russel smiles back in this 12 year old smile after "woody" pushes up against the the fabric with a throb.

  2. Krystal’s always got to throw an ambiguous jab at Trump as if he did something wrong when it’s been authoritarians on the left who will say “but think how much worse it would’ve been if we didn’t censor them” 🥴🤡💩

  3. I think she is wrong, but she did bring her points up intelligently, and she knew her subject matter well, she just has a perspective I disagree with. Glad you're bringing people on like her whether or not you or I agree.

  4. We are blinded by left centric media since the 50s Stalin mao Venezuela nothing to know or see here and having lived in California this worship of this absolute monster che and the good guying of Castro .Blame faschist right everything bad in world wars

  5. Show me where BLM "protesters" are being quashed, cause all I remember are the riots/sacking of courthouses/autonomous zones being permissible these past 4 years. It's the January 6 brigade that were egged on by FBI undercover agents that are being held in solitary confinement without due process. Wtf is this women smoking?

  6. People are censored and oppressed and have been for decades and it’s getting worse. Trump gave people hope when he spoke of draining the swamp and returning jobs to America. Was he lying I don’t know but in any case Clinton Obama Biden were worse so I don’t blame people for supporting Trump.

  7. I live in Australia and the main difference I see between my country and the USA is that here everything is government run. Which includes the police. Because of that, there's no oversight and no accountability. The phone line to report on police actually shut down in one of my states for a while so you couldn't complain about police overreach. But from what I can see, the police in the US seem to be separate from govt, they make their own decisions and do their own thing. So forms of total control is much easier in Australia since everything is top down. Here, we do as we're told 'or else'. And every state is like that, left or right. The right leaning states are slightly more free but not really, we still had insane mandates and massive layoffs in the whole country. Freedom is cast aside for the idea of 'the greater good' as defined by those currently in power. I wish I lived in a red state in the US right now.

  8. She's pure communism she's the face of the communism of Joseph Stalin and the reason why they want all this protest and everything and they defunded the police already they went back just to let it get so far out of hand but they got to crack some heads and they will mow you down with machine guns they have to have control and if you're so stupid that you can't see it that's why you're going to go from nobody makes an f or a d in California on grades

  9. I disagree with Crystal on one point especially. Cancel culture was in full existence and being used well before Trump became president. That is a part of why he was voted in. President Trump was in no way responsible for cancel culture or globalist politicians.

  10. I agree with Steve Bannon, I watch all 3 hours a day 6 days a week. I was a democrat Now I'm Latino Trumpster, cuz I can now see how both parties sold us out for own pocket book,$$$ more democrats, talk nice but smash 👄 & keep minorities down with welfare. I know so many able bodied who just wait for government check to buy booze, it's quite sad, & they hate Trump cuz he wants to ale them work for government $$$

  11. I guarantee you, American people are not going to keep putting up with biden regime intentionally caused Chaos. We the people are not going to put up with it. BLM is a domestic terrorists, as Antifa. We are sick of it.

  12. The left keep moving the goalposts. The seem to stand for nothing that matters to ordinary people anymore. It was during the Cold War that I stopped listening to msm because of the fear they were inducing in me about things over which I had no control. Still don’t watch msm, so no fear in me re covid, and also still in control of myself, and will remain so.

  13. I'm not sure Russell. I kinda stopped listening to her after she started talking about the "militarization and crackdowns against BLM ilke BLm wasn't doing anything wrong that required some type of official response. I saw hours of video of the police standing back and not applying force while all types of crap and abuse was thrown at them and innocent people had their businesses looted and burned down in some cases. So yeah I am not sure where I ever saw BLM trying to have a conversation and share different views. If she truly believes that's what BLM was all then I"m not prone to want to hear much of what she has to say. I didn't hear her mention anything at all about the authoritarianism that the current administration under Biden has been exercising.

  14. BLM was not met with a police crackdown. Are you kidding. In my state they were allowed to tear down cities, block interstates, loot stores, burn down police stations, tear down statues, close schools, etc. It was all sanctioned by Democratically controlled cities. And Trump did not have "old ugly ideas". My god. Our Blue Cities have been controlled by Democrats (who rig elections) for decades and decades and those cities are failing. The schools are failing, criminals control the streets with near constant violence, homeless are camped out all over the place, drug use very high, the drug trade very high. And those Democrats have the nerve to ban free speech. They cannot allow any viewpoints different from their own. Our universities have zero diversity of thought because it is not allowed. All the while, they push a vaccine on us that isn't even effective, and they don't care. It's all about control. And they are doing the work of shadowed people we never see. Yeah. Call us all conspiracists.

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