Authoritarians Now Want “Amnesty” For Everything They Said During Covid

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  1. I'll add, I have a sister that pulled all those words on me; you are killing your neighbors, what is wrong with your mind and not just saying them, she was screaming. Now her husband has rectal cancer, she has had to have gall bladder removal and on a good day she lives in pain.

  2. Who is Crazy? Us for allowing these people to do this or them for enjoying destroying peoples lives.
    Definition of guillotine : /ˈɡiləˌtēn,ˈɡēəˌtēn/
    a machine with a heavy blade sliding vertically in grooves, used for beheading people.

  3. Same with the great idea about defunding the police which lead the a massive spike in violent crime and deaths, disproportionately among specific demographics and ethnicities. We need accountability not amnesty!

  4. Perhaps you could do a show on the substantial decrease in the number of undocumented workers causing inflation and so many unfilled jobs? American workers are expensive.

  5. Don't forget that there were millions of young American citizens who were denied the right to a good education for years as a result of these COVID authoritarians. Keep in mind that places such as Oregon have in essence ignored graduation requirements and are just passing these young people through the school system in spite of two years of missed education. Amnesty? Only with a full and unambiguous apology. And with that apology in hand The courts can then be engaged.

  6. No Amnesty, the mask slipped, people who are closet Hitlers are now out in the open, just waiting for the next chance to put a yoke around our necks, so no, no amnesty, and will not forget what they did..

  7. Min 5:10 No she "was not" in any DARKNESS, they knew what they were pushing. They want to make it look like DARKNESS. The word is a distraction, and poor excuse, a way out. I've always said it, you try to inject something into me, before that ill inject metal to your head!

  8. This was ordered from above the governments. Just as the Ukraine war and the FED raising rates.
    Sadly, no one can connect the dots.
    Americans only believe their TV's.

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