Auto Union That Endorsed Joe Biden SHOCKED That Ford Relocating To Mexico, Trump Was Stopping Them

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  1. They didn't tell me till halfway through my hiring process that my job was a union job, and of course they want money for politics but don't tell me what the money goes too… Idk bout this

  2. This shouldn't shock anyone. Biden removed the orders that stop the factories from leaving the USA. Trump punished them with crippling taxes on import export.

  3. seeing sleepy Joe go against what he promised literally right after he got pushed into office It makes me happy. The feeling of "I told you so" to someone is an awesome one but the problem is I'm gonna be in the shit too as it gets worse.

  4. The sad part is that a large portion of us union workers today don't even want anything to do with these unions. All they do is steal our money weekly while giving minor benefits that aren't even really benefits and protect bad employees. Im a truck driver and the only concrete things i've seen the union do is get me a bump from 5 to 6 personal days per year and protect a man who ruthlessly beat an old man at a sister facility of ours. Meanwhile I pay them 1200 dollars in union dues per year.

    We have no choice because these union bosses strong arm the companies into making you join the union or the union actually has the right to fire you on behalf of the company because you are a "scab". Out of the many drivers i have talked to at least 50% have strong dislike for the union we are forced to be a part of.

  5. Yeah dude a bad union sucks and the top people are easily corrupted. You know what is worse. No unions. Got any better idea? Or just complaining the system isn't perfect.

  6. Every last one of them deserves it. If you’re surprised that the people who were screwing you over before would do so again, you get what you get. If you work in ANY manufacturing job and voted for this administration, it was a vote against their own jobs.

  7. The traditional UAW contract has been gone for years. The old pension plan was ditched years ago, the traditional health coverage left with Obamacare, wages dropped in the 1980s with the voluntary wage cut accepted by Chrysler workers and have spread throughout the Big Three. Ford workers went on strike about 10 or 15 years ago to protect continued health coverage for retired workers, and won for the short term, but ended up losing it eventually anyway, because Obamacare. And yet unions have continued to contribute to Democrat corruption no matter what. Not even the export of jobs under Clinton's negotiation on NAFTA changed the Unions' endorsement of Democrats. Overall, workers don't realize that unions are businesses whose first rule of order is to protect their own business interests – not workers' interests. The mob is embedded in unions' top administration. It's always been that way. Jimmy Hoffa wasn't an outlier. If you talk to old time autoworkers, you might hear about the anti-union workers who "accidentally fell" into steel vats, and other horrifying incidents. I grew up in a Union family, and in the 1960s it increased our financial security. But when the Oil Embargo hit, the Unions dumped the workers, all the while deceiving workers into believing Unions were the only chance of protection and salvation.

  8. Anyone who can not conceive why a worker would not wanna be in a union clearly has never been in a union…. 90% end up just becoming corrupt and drain wealth without actually giving to their members.

  9. Biden said he would indo all of Trump's policies, Trump went to great lengths to move factories and jobs back into America from Mexico and China… Buyers remorse, but the mainstream media didn't have to try very hard to convince them did they.