AWFUL! Corrupt DC Jury Gives Hillary Clinton A Legal Victory… It’s NOT OVER YET.


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  1. The wicked plots against the just,

    And gnashes at him with his teeth.

    The Lord laughs at him,

    For He sees that his day is coming.

    The wicked have drawn the sword

    And have bent their bow,

    To cast down the poor and needy,

    To slay those who are of upright conduct.

    Their sword shall enter their own heart,

    And their bows shall be broken. – Psalm 37:12-15

  2. Ive called it in every single video. No biden or clinton will ever be prosecuted for any corruption ever!!! No matter how bad the corruption and no matter how rock solid the proof.

  3. The ACLJ just uncovered documents from the department of state that proves former Obama/Biden ambassadors did in fact try to undercut Trump & Pompeo’s foreign policy with Iran. John Kerry told them once Trump was out, we’d rejoin the Iran nuclear deal. This proves the deep state is real. No one is talking about it tho

  4. when a decent party gets in power in the Usa then all the paperwork is done and ready for a true jury.As well as the impeachment rules that were good enough for dumbocrates will be just fine and dandy for the Republicans.

  5. You should stop with the false hope headlines and should know by now that if the FBI is investigating one of their corrupt own, that they are doing it to find and bury evidence before their opponents can uncover it. This whole charade with Hillary was so that if Donald Trump or his supporters ever gain power they no longer can prosecute Hillary Clinton for a crime she has now been found innocent of. This also gives them more leeway when prosecuting Trump and his allies. They now have less fear that Trump will have leverage if he ever holds power.

  6. DC is run by the communist that's the way it is. The best we can hope for is 34 states coming together to do away with DC as per the Constitution and setting up a government that is for the people once again and returning the elected president back to office. Trump. Hash-tag deport all leftist aka communist

  7. For this to be put right then the GOP when in power again has to bring all of these people including the liars in the MSM to book. I'd charge them all with treason, including Obama, HRC, Pelosi, those bad actors at the FBI. All of them need to know that they have been caught duly prosecuted, found guilty and are facing a minimum of 25 years in jail. The whole rotten crew needs taking down. Will they though? Not a cat in hell's chance. America is finished. I never want to hear another American President lecture the rest of us about democracy, freedom or the rule of law. Your country is a sick joke…It's an absolute tragedy…

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