Az Audit Press Reports Update June 15

Az Audit Press Reports Update June 15


  1. Jen fidelity could try to Not be biased, since she doesn’t know anything apparently and doesn’t seem to want to know anything real. Biased is not needed here.

  2. Notice how Bennett doesn't give a definitive no when talking about the 200k ballots. He only reference that the info. hasn't been officially released.

  3. When will these criminals give up with their lying …..they are surely going to go to hell….the Lord is watching!!!….they will be in for a big surprise if they hide the truth….

  4. The left wing Marxist media is corrupt as hell. Talk about view points that are crooked, biased and reporting news by omission, they are no more than a twisted wing of the evil democrat party.

  5. Good to see the people have more people's free press to fill the void with true journalism and send the propaganda press,( Abc,cnn,cbs,pbs and the rest packing!! If good men do nothing evil will triumph!

  6. There was never any looking at Bamboo or Watermarks. This was false info, and was reported as such awhile ago. We now need to wait on their (report of the findings) to be completed, and stop trying to speculate before that time.

  7. I am British but I am so proud of the patriots in Arizona. They did not crumble to leftie intimidation. They have carried out the audit professionally and calmly. The other point I doubt these other states would not be doing their own audits if it had not been for AZ blazing the trail first.

  8. One of the best things we could do is to get done early and suddenly announce.
    If the haters y know when the report is coming out, whatever shenanigans are planned will be too late.

  9. Geeze…these “ARIZONA CENTRAL” HACKS are horrible actors as they try to impune THE FIRST EVER, AMERICAN “FORENSIC” AUDIT!

    Obviously the DEMOCRATS receive this news daily with same reception of learning you are being audited by the IRS or dentist saying you need a new root canal every day!

    👏👏👏👏👏 yaaaaay!

  10. Because if the ballots were not printed correctly the ballot was duplciated and then enetered manually! Thisi called adjuciation, and its opne to fraud if there are no observsers (from 10 feet)

  11. Hey Jen, they have not found any fraud yet, because they are wating to finish the audit and then they will make a report. Then there will be fraud or not. Wait till then, you stupid girl!