AZ Senate Calls On Attorney General To Move Audit Forward—Feat. Sen. Sonny Borrelli | The Wide Angle

Having 10% (roughly $61 M) of its shared state-revenue withheld could just be enough to prompt Maricopa County Board of Supervisors (BOS) to rethink its non-cooperation with the election 2020 audit.

This is what retired U.S. Marine, AZ State Sen. Sonny Borrelli’s request to the AZ-AG to investigate BOS non-compliance with the latest subpoenas for the audit could result in.

“What happens when our government diplomacy breaks down?” Sen. Borrelli asks rhetorically, referring to the Board of Supervisors continued refusal to provide materials such as routers and voting machines for the audit.

“They call in the marines! …Diplomacy [has] broken down… And the oath I took at 18 years old in 1977 has not expired,” he answers, referring to the oath made by U.S. Marines to defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution.

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AZ Senate Calls On Attorney General To Move Audit Forward—Feat. Sen. Sonny Borrelli | The Wide Angle

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  1. senator I hope the attorney general of Arizona takes those death threats very very serious and doesn't stop turning every stone those snakes crawl under have been fond and put behind bars. we tolerate a lot of things in this God blessed country but threating our parents, God's Pastor's and elected officials with death, that is intolerable!

  2. There is too much election corruption, Trump couldn't win the 2020 election, he ain't gotta a chance in the house or senate elections…it is to well sewn up…I ain't crossing my fingers…DC is swollen in swamp creatures SORRY !

  3. Y'all know damn well if Cuomo that has done crime against humanity is still in holden office. Wtf makes y'all think Biden will step down another pos.

  4. Who is the Boss ? Just go and take the machines ? Send in the marines! Who’s the Boss ? They have had enough time!!! Withhold all their funding as well!

  5. Which Senator voted with the Dems? Name names so we can vote these snakes OUT.
    Any Senator who does not Strongly and publicly support these audits needs to be loudly called out so that we can ensure they NEVER hold public office again.

  6. You people in the resent election you had your chances in the Arizona election ! Might as well stand down you have been subpoenaed twice already violated the laws of great state of Arizona ! Your guilty by suppressing evidence or you would have come clean already !

  7. I have not heard anyone address the fact and legitimate question — that the CEO/owner of Cyber Ninjas is completely biased and prior to audit believed the election was stolen….gieven that how can any reasonable person believe one thing that comes from the Cyber Nnjsa audit ??????