AZ Senator Demands ARREST Of Dominion And County Officials For REFUSING To Comply With Subpoena

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  1. Once you enter a contract with the government. All data belongs to the government. This is another sham to hide the scandal of 2020. Arrest them all!

  2. Mom: Son let me see your report card. Son: I got straight A's. Mom: I am confident you got straight A's but I still want to see your report card. Son: But mom why don't you trust me? Mom: I am going to count to 3.

  3. If President Trump won and the dems want am audit, I wouldn't be upset with that. The Republicans wouldn't cheat like the dems did and would comply with what the dems want.

  4. There isn't just plans in the internet, there are plans on YouTube on how to make a nuke, granted some key steps and production weren't revealed, but between the videos on YouTube and what you can Google up, you should be able to make a nuke

  5. Think about it tim, in any other kind of contest no matter what that contest is if the winner cheated to win the win is taken away and the true winner is awarded the win. This should be no different. There have been enough videos affidavits people speaking out to tell everyone that this election on November 3rd was a sham. Cheating of every facet went on.

  6. If it gets proven through the audit that Donald Trump won the election, then the Biden administration should be completely removed. Every EO he signed should be immediately rescinded, and Donald Trump should be immediately sworn in as President.
    That's what should happen.

  7. I think we need to defund these corrupt politicians, and stop outsourcing the power to people who have different agendas than our own.

  8. The only Data logging done on a router is the addresses from where it was sent from to where it was sent to. It's like the post office, they can tell you where the content was sent from and where it went to but, they can't tell you what content itself is!

  9. In what world is anyone subpoenaed and not arrested for failure to comply? If you do it as an act of your job it doesn't frickin change the fact that it's a criminal violation. Send the sheriff's office and arrest them. And whoever takes their position, do it to them too. Do it until someone complies. And leave them in jail for the maximum time allowed. This is bullcrap. What's the Arizona senate excuse for why these arrests ahvent happened. If you fail to act within the law on this after dragging us all through this all of you should he as fired as the Dems. Suck it up buttercups.

  10. No. There was too much oddities to feel thisxwas fair. I want to know why they blocked windows faked a flood and had the bizarre jolt and 3:00am hijinx. Either side should want to see these explained and investigated. The point is a true and fair process. And show many dead people voted. This skirting and whining is an admission of guilt. They should be going to prison.

  11. Imagine if the Republican win and the Democrats wanted an audit tim says. Hillary did say that Michigan's election in '16 was tampered with. They just did not ask for an audit, because that would've shown the sneaky shit the dems had pulled. Instead they used the bureaucracies to run a 3 year fishing trip aimed at destroying Trump and all around him. How quickly tim forgets

  12. That is an arrestable offense. Anytime you disobey a court order it is a direct violation of law. That's why we have checks and balances.

  13. Open source should be the norm. The federal government only uses and allows open source security suites like AES. It should be that way for all government used technology

  14. “There is no proof of widespread voting fraud. Have a great day.” “Yea, but what about the proof of low level voting fraud?” “There is no proof of widespread voting fraud. Have a great day.” “Is this a recording?” “There is no proof of widespread voting fraud. Have a great day.”