Azov Battalion – History & Symbols

The Ukrainian Army’s Azov Battalion is controversial due to its use of symbols associated with the Waffen-SS. In this video, we will examine the unit’s history and what those symbols mean.

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Credits: US National Archives; US Department of Defense; Carl Ridderstrale; Inkscape’r; Alex Kaplaux; Qypchak; Cherubino; ZDF


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  1. People are always going to find some meaning in some symbol. I've seen the comparison in this case and while I can see the connection, I don't see these guys building concentration camps and starting blitzkrieg. It doesn't mean these guys are choirboys, but let's throttle back the Nazi comparisons.

  2. Honestly le nazi symbols should be re-used or re-invented, Azov is one those organizations that managed such thing

    if there weren't any laws or society backlash over something you yourself didn't do or care about, everyone would be using Nazi symbols honestly at this point its time to not care about anymore

  3. Ah Mark, I unsubbed from your channel because of your obvious Rus-phobia in your previous videos, especially concerning someone as anti-Nazi as you, it took you over a month to cover Azov, and being so cute about it too. 900 members? You can see mini-documentaries detailing Azov summer camps that have been hosted for years, indoctrinating their kids. The reason Azov hate's eastern Ukrainians, ethnic-Russians, is because of their belief of Mongol blood tainting their bloodline. They call them Orcs. They especially hate the Chechens. Eh, at least you tried. I knew it was only a matter of time you had to address the Azov elephant.

  4. It's strange to listen to videos of Mark Felton of current events. Since most of his videos are about WW2. It makes me feel like this is on future and we are the past right now. Much respect to you, sir.

  5. And so, The "FASCISTS" were risen from their ashes from a fan football team AND spontaneously form a MILITIA, .and "Certain political views" whitewashes the term "FASCIST." How convenient, right?

  6. These are the same ukrainians that when starling sent the scorcher policy be all the civilians to beat them to dead these are just a predecessor find out who Theodore from the Ukrainian Nazi party

  7. Yea. No matter how you spin it waving Nazi flags about and having SS insignia on your helmets is not a great thing Ukraine. It just helps Russia justify their invasion.

  8. As a Pole I saw some neo nazi sympathies in different parts of Ukraine. I think especially in east Ukraine they hate Soviet-Russian identity wich was imposed to them and voluntarily choose 'nazi' identity as something different to the whole their enviroment. This is also because they speak often the same Russian language, as Russians do, eventually using some close dialects. Most of the Ukrainian language speakers are located more in the western part of the country. West Ukraine – another story – has long tracts of nazi sympathies since times even before WWII. Many west Ukrainians are proud of their nazi roots & sympathies, for example SS Galizien. Some of they widespread honoured heroes were responsible for genocide of 100 000 – 200 000 Jewish and Polsih civilians in period 1942-44 (Wolhynia and Galizia massacre), which is very hardly to admit for the Ukrainians now.
    Nonetheless, millions of Ukrainian families suffered much from the Soviet system in last century and they choose something which was available and definitely anti-Soviet and anti-Russian. Fascism is also popular ideology among radical football fans in many countries of Europe. I saw many examples of this also in Poland. Another fact is that far left and far right influences is often mixed in one ideology in lot of extremist groups in Russia (Wagner's group, nazi-bolsheviks of National Bolsheviks Party, etc.) but now most known significant example is Russian putinism.

  9. This was a whitewashing of the history of the AZOZ battalion and Mark Felton would like you to beilieve the group left it's neo-nazi/fascist belief behind. They have not. It's important to support Ukraine and still call them out for offically funding a Neo-nazi/fascist battalion.

  10. “They are only 900 men.” As if the number is indicative of the importance. Putting a serious matter into numbers and say “only” is really an attempt to downplay the current context of the conflict. This was a poorly organized documentary. It doesn’t tell us Who is who and who is funding, etc. These are the elements that make the history—not the sheer sporadic references to 1944 or 8th century, etc. There are serious elements at work that need to be highlighted. But this presentation suppresses those elements.

  11. Fanatic soccer fans huh? No mention of how Victoria Nuland and other US neocons basically backed these right wing "soccer fans" to foment a coup and overthrow the government, maybe a dive into that could be warranted? Nah These right wing extremists only use these symbols because they look cool and it has nothing to do with ideology at all I'm sure.

  12. Argentina has REAL Nazis, as does the USA. Why not go to those places? In addition, Putin cannot complain because someone has unpleasant insignia, when he is apparently paying people to do rape and pillage raids across their property against conventions Russia agreed to.

  13. Unfortunately this was the most disappointing video I've watched from you. The DOD is saying AZOV has a 40% majority (which is likely more)
    And did you miss the video of Zelensky after meeting with President Trump ordering the Azov battalion to pull it's artillery back from the eastern front, and them telling Zelensky to F-off and if you ask again we will hunt for down and kill you?

  14. My Ukrainian friend told me that the swastika and double s runes are banned in Ukraine, so this pictures must be, according to him, fake news. And I think this illustrates the fervor on the Ukrainian side, because this conflict is a civil war at its heart. The election and poll results show that support for Europe and Russia is split.

  15. I appreciate you bringing up the wolfsangel’s original meaning, I use it as a symbol of my blood and faith, as part of rituals, but these goons as well as other historical events has tainted it as well as the swastika

  16. Thank you Mark. We need to read academic research written by a qualified _Historian_. When this war is over the propaganda will be easily separated from the factual knowledge. Keep writing your reports, recording videos, doing interviews, keep your helmet & body armor on & your head pressed into the ground. Let's see you get any work done in that position. JSW

  17. Surreal to be seeing our good freind Mark Felton posting videos about current events and that we're witnessing the largest conflict in Europe since the Second World War play out at this very moment.

  18. Sorry Mark, but I struggle to understand how a 900- strong group can still exist given that thousands of them have been killed and/or surrounded in their HQ town of Mariupol, blocked in Karkov and still they are posting on their Telegram and YouTube channels columns of personnel and equipment moving to the front.

  19. Who gives a damn what individuals from the Azov battalion draw on their equipment. They have punched way above their weight, in this invasion by a mob of true barbarian murderers. The more of these very bad orcs they turn into good orcs, the better. Power to Ukraine, Australia stands with you.

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