B.C. man awarded vaccine compensation

A man who became partially paralyzed after getting his first dose is one of the first in Canada to be compensated for vaccine injury.

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Written by CTV Vancouver


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  1. The truth is starting to come out about these vaccines. Everyone excited about the new big thing, Monkeypox? Everyone ready to sign up for that vaccine now? It's coming next. Apparently Wuhan lab works with that too, and it may be airborne also. Interesting, monkeypox wasn't known as airborne catching virus before. Coincidence?

  2. This is why I didn’t take it and have lost so much income over it ,, I want to go after this scum bag politicians for doing this to my daughter and I , I’m a single parent with no supports ,, this is an outrage

  3. I understand in Australia an individual has to sign form that exonerates both government and the "vaccine" manufacturer from any claims for damages as a result of vaccination (I'm unvaccinated), I thought this was a worldwide requirement so where is this guy getting his compensation from.? I'm glad it's happening but confused on the issue.

  4. Look at Justin Bieber. Look at 40 yr old dropping dead. I didn’t get it nor my household. As for me n my house we will serve the Lord to the best we can. Don’t tread on us👩🏽‍🏫👀🙏🏿

  5. My husband, 56 years of age. Was pressured by his physician to get the stab then the 2nd stab. Shortly afterwards he felt a pressure in his chest. He frequently complained to his doctor, made many trips to the ER without being diagnosed even after multiple body scans. 5 months later felt he was dying, went to ER, A very astute physician went through all husband's medical records and found on one of the scans showed a blood clot in his heart. Immediately placed him on blood thinners until the clot dissolved.

  6. Only 10 people in the province??? Yea 10 with this and 10 with that… adds up.

    Not to mention 10 in a small province is a lot for a rare condition.

  7. Where's the back of the line? I was forced to get it because I was being stationed overseas. Now I have cold urticaria after nearly 30 years of perfect health. Also, I never had this virus until a month after they forced me into this mandatory experiment.

  8. Wait, is this being compensated by the Government? Vaccine Injury Support Program (VISP). As in compensated with taxpayer money? Shouldn't the vaccine maker be paying the compensation? Well, at the very least he didn't get COVID, that would have been much worse.

  9. It seems as if something was designed to rapidly speed up the problems people previously were dealing with health wise knowingly an I almost believe unknowingly. I feel in my spirit something sinister about all of this. This world needs prayer in mass numbers.This world needs JESUS… Everyone who reads this take a moment and pray for your neighbors around the world, pray for truth to be revealed and for healing and for justice to be served…
    Dear JESUS please forgive those who know not what they do…. I love you all..
    GOD (JESUS) bless!!!!
    There is power in prayer an ALL things are possible with GOD/JESUS

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