BA.4 and BA.5 Long COVID, Severity, and Symptoms

BA.4 and BA.5 Long COVID, Severity, and Symptoms

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URL list from Monday, Jun. 27 2022

SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern and variants under investigation

United Kingdom: the latest coronavirus counts, charts and maps

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Hospitalizations – Our World in Data

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Deaths – Our World in Data

Variants: distribution of cases data, 20 May 2021 – GOV.UK

Neutralization Escape by SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Subvariants BA.2.12.1, BA.4, and BA.5 | NEJM

Risk of long COVID associated with delta versus omicron variants of SARS-CoV-2 – The Lancet


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  1. Has anyone here experienced strong lumbar pain during covid? Ever since I caught one of the first strains back in august 2020 I feel this sharp pain in my back everytime I get it. (Caught it 4 times. I treat myself with HCQ, zinc and vit supplement, ibuprophen) luckily no sequels from it apart from what I mentioned. Still training and competing in combat sports.

  2. Maybe a little too soon to be certain but "oddly enough" this seems to be following textbook epidemiology for this type of pandemic – looks to have been doing that from the beginning with the possible exception of delta as a kink in the flow. Would be interesting to do a side by side comparison of the progression with similar pandemics in the past. Let's hope it holds to the textbook 2-3 years and done chapter!

  3. Thank you dr been for your untiring work and effort. You paint covid in its proper perspective. No fear mongering . MSM are over blowing the situation driving fear in the hearts of people.

  4. No, I did NOT have a great weekend. I've been plagued with insomnia and palpitations since March 2020. This past weekend was particularly difficult. I'm hoping this video might help.

  5. virus destroys immune system over time, over the years not days or months, years we see this in the long covid patients who have had it over 2 years. leaving EVERYONE available to severe outcomes in every other category of pathogens.

  6. Third COVID-19 infection since March 2020. Worst yet. Fever of 103 for four days, cough, aching muscles, bones and joints for three days, no appetite, dizziness. Now sweating episodes out of no where. Head is soaking wet, dripping sweat into my eyes and on the floor or bed. Dysphoric mood for several days, feeling sick, low back pain, severe fatigue and headaches. Have suffered from Long COVID since March 2020. Following FLCCC protocol. Is there no end in sight? I am tired of being sick. I am a usually active 77 year old, now even sitting in a rocking chair is a joke. NO QUALITY OF LIFE!

  7. 4 months of post covid hell – the prime nightmare virtigo – then anxiety, it just did not stop, went and saw an energy healer and the anxiety went, virtigo is at week 10 of a 12 week rehab course. An absolute friggin nightmare. Some many time you don't see a way out of darkness. All I fear now is a 2nd infection and virtigo returns..

  8. Thank you Dr Been for explaining the studies. Very helpful. I have an update on my daughter, 39 with asthma. She's still out of work on disability since December. She was quite healthy and active until she had two vaccines. Got covid with pneumonia and has seen so many different specialists and physical therapists. She can only go outside for a walk down the block without humidity. Her brain fog and extreme tiredness continues to be a problem.She still cannot drive very far because of the brain fog. I desperately wish someone could help her live a life without having to be so isolated. Are there any studies or clinics helping these individuals return to somewhat of a normal life? Or at least keeping them hopeful and encouraged until they can? People just can't live like this so isolated for such a long time. You've helped me understand what is being researched, and for that I thank you. Do you have any information on the research being done to help them that actually know what is in the vaccine and what to do about the antibodies being destroyed and stopping the formation of clots in the bloodstream? Embalmers are now breaking their silence on what their finding in the vaccinated bodies. I believe this is of the utmost importance to be educated on how to Help the vaccinated long haulers.

  9. If they still take account people who go into hospital with something else and test positive as hospitalized then that data is pretty pointless and dont give objective picture anyway.

  10. Post "cov pos" test… having trouble sleeping but red strain kratom in mildly large doses is my lifeline . Get good kratom tho some is known to have heavy metals

  11. ARTEMIC from MGC Pharma can be a potential lifesaver in the fight against covid 19.

    ArtemiC has been used by many people to help the immune system to prevent covid or alleviate covid, Long or other infectious diseases.

    Type it in on YouTube and you will find more info. It can be ordered online but theres a possibility of a backlog so its best kept in the fridge until symptoms occur. 🤧🤧 We have personally tested it on two occasions of covid and had very good results with it. Unfortunately the next wave could be starting.

  12. Dr. 'been I would love to know what your opinion is on whether the spike protein, either from the virus itself or from vaccination is going to be able to adversely affect our T cells for future infections and illnesses.The reason is this research SARS-CoV-2 T-cell infection and HIV similarity – COVID-19 vaccines update 46 – YouTube

  13. Still not a word about 5G, same symptoms and more in reserve. Why not pin it all on those you can't hold accountable. It's not like trillions of dollars at stake or a tech giant eugenics nit would have anything to do with it, so why bother even looking ? Beware the hairy red blood cells, who knows where or who it will lead. Thanks for sharing doc, my radiation sickness is acting up… Peace.

  14. The situation in the UK with regards to BA.4 & BA.5 is more serious than you suggest. I agree than the case numbers are no longer accurate because the authorities changed the criteria for recording confirmed cases; however as Paul Bork has stated the trend in the cases is still useful.

    So from our world in data, on 5th June 4,064 cases and 27th June 18,802 cases, which is a doubling time of 10 days. Similarly for Hospital admissions on 2nd June 3,792 and 17th June 6,169 and doubling time of 21 days. The deaths are only rising slightly. This is logical because there will be a lag of at least a week before an increase in cases are reflected in hospitalizations and then 2-3 weeks into deaths.

    The situation in Scotland is similar but the increase started in early May. This is best seen in the ZOE data. In my area those currently infected increased by a factor of 10 in just over 30 days, giving a doubling time of 8 days.

    Another factor is the reinfection rate, which for England is 24%, up 5% from the previous month and increasing 1% per month. This shall approach 100% by the end of the year. The data for Scotland in not available, but it is likely to be about 1 month ahead of England, so is at least 30% and could be as high as 50%.

    In Scotland almost all of the reinfections are with BA.4 & BA.5, what is surprising is that 2 – 3% are people who have been previously infected with BA.4 & BA.5. Given that these subtypes have only been circulating for a short period and reinfection only rarely occurs within 30 days of a previous infection, suggests that other factors may be involved. Possibly a mild previous infection was cleared by the innate immune arm and the host did not seroconvert, or perhaps that these subtypes have a fitness advantage over the immune system in either or both arms of the immune system. What is noticeable is that almost all the early reinfections are in people who are unvaccinated.

    The trend in Western Europe is much the same as in the UK. I think that the BA.4 & BA.5 wave has only just started and will accelerate in the same manner as Portugal.

  15. Unvaccinated, had it 2 months ago, felt fluey 11pm day 1, figured it was covid, 1.30 am- 4.30 am temperature of 40.6 celsius. Paracetamol fixed that. Back aching bad and some joint aches so sleep for 40 mins at a time. Codeine forte fixed joint pain and halved back pain. Dry nose. No headaches but was on codeine so not surprised. Zero energy, zero appetite, in bed 90% all day and night for 3 days. 3rd day nausea if i sat in the sun to get warm after 20 mins (winter here). 5th day nausea gone, energy coming back. 9th day tested negative. Took 2 weeks more to get all energy and stamina back and minor annoying cough is just fading out now.

  16. I will continue to support your channel but I cannot watch this video without a bias. There is an agenda at work behind this particular illness. I want to focus on other aspects of health that are not so politically motivated.

  17. If the virus is allowed to progress in a natural fashion it is likely to become less virulent

    However, we know there is nothing natural about this virus and those that allowed this lab virus to escape likely have other more virulent strains that may ‘accidentally’ escape

  18. Can we rely on information from ZOE when “experts” in the US are saying different? CDC is saying long Covid is 30-50%, shortness of breath is a common symptom and the omicron strains are just as deadly as delta. Is fear mongering less prevalent in other countries?

  19. People think that being vaccines will protect them 100%that isn’t true, still keeping your social distant and masking when are in crowded places will prevent from getting severe Covid.

  20. The reason for slow growth is lack of testing. People in the UK are not testing, employers have withdrawn free tests & financial support for covid isolation. They're advising employees to come to work if not too sick.

  21. Would you please link to a study where the virus was isolated, as in only the particle by itself? Without proper isolation you can not show Koch's postulates. Why do you continue pushing a theory that's never been proven? In silico sequencing is not virus isolation, it's just a picture on a computer screen. I'm 100% sure you will remove or not comment.

  22. I had alpha in Jan 2020 (maybe earlier). Wife had it bad. I only assume I had it because we spend so much time in each other's company I know I was exposed. I either didn't get it or was asymptomatic. No test existed so I'm going on my wife's symptoms which seemed to be classic, including loss of taste/smell. Wife diagnosed post infection as having an ILI.

    I had Omicron (BA.1/BA.2 ?) back in January 2022 along with my wife.

    My wife seems to have dodged the recent spate (or was asymptomatic). I'm just getting over replication of those events now. I assumed I had BA.4/BA.5 simply because the last time, I noticed a shift in my visual color palette (red becomes red/orange on my nightstand time projection during prior infection and this went the same way). Other symptoms were similar. Hit 102.7 on one day (n.b., my "normal" temp is usually around 97.7). Loss of appetite, etc. and slept a lot for 4 days. Sore throat, runny nose, etc. The temperature broke within a day (98.6'ish) and then climbed back to 99.7'ish for a day. I assumed this was primarily caused by dehydration as I wasn't drinking nor eating. Starting pushing fluids and experienced another break down to 98.6'ish… and then dropped back to 97.7 by day 4. This time I developed a long-standing cough which is abating now. Long-standing general lethargy just like last time which abates over a few weeks. I just take a nap when I can't keep my eyes open.

    My exercise regimen is swimming and bike riding (both about 5 days a week, getting my heart rate into the 130's towards the end – Resting HR is in the 40's, as I've been doing aerobic exercise a LONG TIME). I'm not a professional athlete but seem to be wired for long-distance exercise. After I felt "well" I reduced how strenuous these workouts were when I returned to exercising. Basically, swimming 450 yds (working towards 1800 yds) and bicycling about 5 miles with minor climbing involved on the route. My only pre-existing is a tendency toward panic attacks and I have Afib. Thus, when exercising, I always have a heart monitor on just to keep an eye on it. I'm just shy of 70, weight is around 195. I don't have the body of a greek god (lol).

    My immune system, while degrading as I get older, has been pretty good. I'm unvax'd. I only rarely get the flu. Maybe catch a "common cold" once per year.

  23. Seems that my child may have it right now. He has been struggling with like hay fever symptoms plus difficulties whilst walking, irritated throat, eyes, nose, ears, headaches and sneezing a lot for the past few weeks.

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