BA.5 Reinfection Protection After Omicron Infection (New Qatari Study)

Omicron to BA.5 Protection (Qatari Study)

Many of us wonder about the protection offered by an Omicron infection against BA.4/BA.5. This fascinating study from Qatar presents this data. Let’s review together.

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URL list from Friday, Jul. 22 2022

Protection of SARS-CoV-2 natural infection against reinfection with the Omicron BA.4 or BA.5 subvariants | medRxiv

Effects of Previous Infection and Vaccination on Symptomatic Omicron Infections | NEJM

Duration of immune protection of SARS-CoV-2 natural infection against reinfection in Qatar | medRxiv

Protection of SARS-CoV-2 natural infection against reinfection with the Omicron BA.4 or BA.5 subvariants

Outcomes of SARS-CoV-2 Reinfection | Research Square


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  1. Had original Jan 2020 version, it was BAD. After that smooth sailing for 2 years. Just recently caught what I believe to be the new variant, it was an awful week. On top of that it created cognitive difficulties, I ended up in a car accident. It’s the real deal beware.

  2. I feel like the powers that be should turn around and say…. OK, we tried the vaccine route back to freedom and it hasn't worked. We're gonna try natures way now for the next 3 years and reassess

  3. Hmmm….both of my kids (13 and 16) had COVID mid-January and both have it again now. Neither vaccinated. If this study is correct then they are a major statistical anomaly….which I recognize is possible. Side note, my wife is triple vaxxed and now has COVID. I’m never vaxxed and never infected and am the only one in house who’s COVID negative. I’ve assumed I’ve just been lucky but I wonder if there are other factors that have yet to be identified. 53 year old healthy male.

  4. I don't believe one bit of Qatar reports……just as their democracy. The pandemic of misinformation continues….. Most people are getting BA5 and even 4-8weeks after previous Omicron.

  5. @drbean medical lectures hi, i have been watching and enjoying your streams since the pandemic. I appreciate how you explain things etc. but, in the last stream I listen to – sorry i can’t remember the title. You said something that made me stop and turn your stream off, i was so angry and upset. You said ‘people who menstruate’! Really! You a highly educate medical man willing to completely cancel out the biological woman? How does your wife feel about you cancelling her biological sex? If highly educated medical personnel like yourself don’t stand up and counter this utter madness of biological, binary canceling then who will? We biological women have to contend with our safety in everyday life now we are being forced to share our private areas because some male has body dysmorphia or a sexual fetish. I really thought more of you Dr Bean. Can you answer the question – what is a woman? Can you? I’m sure you can as a family and medical man. A women is not a feeling, a women is a living breathing biology being – a women is an adult humane female. A women has xx chromosomes a man will never have xx chromosome no matter how much oestrogen he takes or how much he disfigures his body. I have lost faith in you, I’m sorry to say.

  6. My sons family got “Covid “ July 4. Went down the line….worked with my son …3 -4 days later I got it then my wife followed up after……fatigue , malaise , frontal headache ,upper sinus issues …2 days of severe misery….before feeling better over the next couple days……my wife relapsed after feeling better….feeling quite miserable……gave her ivermectin over 3 days…..which seemed to clear it out….both Covid A infected 11/2019……used ivermectin myself for a “Covid” infection in January that seemed to carry on…..over three days again …felt like new….I keep ivermectin in my cabinet now ….so I don’t have to wait to get it……

  7. My wife and I and our 2 children were infected in January 2021, we are all unvaccinated, my daughter tested positive July 3, she had no symptoms during our first infection in January 2021. She had a light sore throat and cough for 3 days, the rest of us had nothing, that was it. Glad we never took these vaccines.

  8. This seems to be a virus that only effects the elderly, over 70 and elderly and other with significant pre existing health issues. These people should stay in, etc.

  9. They just said on the news here that a 4 jab gives more protection against death .I feel that they say this now because they are trying to get people here in sweden to take the fourth dose at least the elderly .In my view its like just before they are going to promote a new dose of the vaccin they start reporting on new variants,new higher cases etc etc .And then suddenly there is a study that says that this shot of the vaccine gives the best protection .Can you please do a video about this if the fourth dose has a study thst says that it gives better protection against death .

    And then i wounder how it can be accepted that a person that has interest in vaccin manufacturing /makes vaccines and owns a buisness that does vaccines can be used as an so called expert when that person in no way can be impartial ?
    im starting to get so tired and stressed,sad that this can keep on and that they can lie, manipulate data etc so it fits their narrative or what they want it to show.
    As we have in sweden: they say your unvaccinated when you have gotten 1 jab ,2 jabs+14 days after the jab ,3 jabs +14 days after the jab .Its with in 14 days many adverse events occur .
    We have over 900 deaths that have happend after 1 dose and 2 dose with in the 14 days after and those deaths have been registered as unvaccinated deaths by covid when they infact died after the vaccines =vaccinated .
    We also have that they from the 30th this month must register every positive test and to test everyone that visit the hospital just so they once again can propagate about high numbers of infected .
    We also now have more in hospital that are vaccinated that need hospitalization and help .
    Cant someone stop this people are getting hurt and lied to

  10. Just looked up Vit D deficiency in Qatar and it is worse than other nations. Also high rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Pardon the lack of specificity Just to say not the healthiest young people on the planet.

  11. So the generalization comment. You could over come the age distribution issue in the total population with good cohort design. The real problem with their data is that their population has a highly effective and well funded healthcare system supporting them. Qatari results should be expected to not be generalizable to populations with less substantial healthcare resources.

  12. 43 yo Female. I’m on day 9. Not vaxxed. I had fever of 101.7 for first 3 days, sore throat for 6 hours on day 4, then I laid out in the hot sun for an hour and it went away and my fever came down. I just had congestion the last few days and am back to full function but lost taste and smell on day 7. I took D, C, Zinc, Quercetin, iodine in Neti pot and mouth rinses and only 2 doses of Children’s Tylenol for headache. It pays to take care of your body, exercise, eat healthy, and be in nature. Those things were better than any vaccine for me!

  13. I love your talks, but because I’m getting fired for not taking more inoculations, despite medical evidence showing I’ve had significant adverse events as a result and also documented that I should not take any more, I cannot afford to spend money on any of these channels, platforms, etc.

  14. I am a 41 yo female. I had Omicron (BA.1 or 2 ??) in mid-January. Just for reference I am normal weight, eat very healthy, low carb, very low sugar, work out regularly, get lots of sunshine, unvaccinated. I am just getting over Omicron (BA.4 or 5 ??) again. So, apparently I am in the small percentage to get it twice in 6 months. BUT, this time was FAR easier. I am a nurse working with Covid patients. So, that does increase my risk.

  15. Wondering if you've seen the research on the genetic mutation Delta32 relative to Covid resistance? I if I remember correctly, about 10% of people with European ancestry have this genetic mutation and I'm thinking I might be one of them as I've still not gotten the virus nor any of the vaccines and have had some REALLY close exposures, one of which was from my partner when we were kissing and sharing a drinking glass the day before he got symptoms. I got a PCR test about 1 week later and it was negative so i know I wasn't just asymptotic. Another exposure was from someone in December 2020 when I was in the car with somebody for an hour and a half while he was coughing with the windows up and the heat blowing. I still didn't get it and even got tested for the antibodies afterward. Then this past memorial weekend, I sat in the back seat with somebody calm a windows up and they had the Omicron variant at that time. Also, I work at a salon where I have to be close enough to touch clients.

  16. Healthy 48 year old , had covid (2nd wave) in 2021 ending up in hospital, blood thinner checked for clots etc, was pretty bad but since had a mild cold for 2 days which I worked through and sweated it out both days. Natural immunity the boss, never doubted it.

  17. I was infected with the Alpha virus in 2020. I deeply regret receiving both doses of Moderna in 2021 and never got boosted. Being in my late 40’s, I recently was reinfected and recovered within two days. I absolutely believe that the boosters do not offer further protection after naturally immunity. My household was infected with Omicron in March 2022 and they were vaccinated/boosted but I never got it.

  18. You promote eugenics/ genocide via sarscov2 by your refusal to push for correct, diligent use of well fitting respirator masks , hepa air filtration and ventilation in buildings. THIS is the way to prevent infections. The complete lack of empathy/ concern/ care for vulnerable human beings is sinful .

  19. It seems the CDC etc are scaring people by saying there's no protection from previous infection and therefore everyone must be boosted every 4 months or they'll basically die. It's infuriating.

  20. 60 years old, unvaccinated, never tested, not been sick for 9 years. (in 2013, 9 days seriously ill and had a lot of pain). Natural immune system 100% thanks to that serious illness, I think.

  21. The vaccines does not make you any better..if you got natural immunity!The fake assumption that it protects you from serious deasease…i.d not believe in it!

  22. I also suggest you go back 30-35 years ago. Where it was known that 1/10th the dose of the flu vaccine given intradermally / subcutaneously resulted in better immunogenicity than the regular flu vaccine itself. 1/10th (0.1 ml) rather than 1ml, or 0.05ml rather than 0.5ml.
    Check that out.

  23. I had it in December and was all spine pain. Then again in may new symptoms came on for a week followed by shortness of breath. Leg rash and eye pain was symptom before positive test. Now have random body pains.

  24. I am 60 an unvaccinated, got the virus and ultimately died, just wanted to drop a note after death that most people are like your anecdotal responses here of recovery after mild disease but not all. I hope everyone is like "most ". Also not sure if Ba5 is as host friendly as early omicron.

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