Baby food is contaminated with poison

Make fresh food for your baby.

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  1. Hey? Envy is a curse you guys! Settle down, I assure you we all get our share too. Don't blame the babies, there's no favoritism with ''them'', just the best Shite-amins and Minerals (heavy) they can conjure up.
    Hair shampoo was bad enough now we have added Caffeine so if you don't shampoo every morning you get a headache from caffeine withdrawal … and the potions go on …
    Tea Lady; Would you like tea, coffee or a shampoo ??

  2. news flash! all the listed heavy metals in this story are in superphosphate fertilizer. i saw this 1st hand in Australia when dark greyish "super" was delivered to our farm… knowing that it should be white in its pure form i started asking questions and found acceptable limits of heavy metals lead mercury arsenic and cadmium were allowed by industry to be in the fertilizer.

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