Back from the front: a British volunteer in Ukraine

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My friend is alive, and has some amazing tales to tell us of his experiences as a volunteer at the front in Ukraine.

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Picture credits:
Kalibr missile image
By Allocer – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

FNC image
Rama, CC BY-SA 2.0 FR, via Wikimedia Commons

M4 image
By Jackolmos – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

FN SCAR rifle image
By Arbal01 – This file was derived from: FN SCAR-L – FN SCAR-H.jpg, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Javelin missile image
By The U.S. ArmySgt. Liane Hatch/3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Inf – Javelin Fire!, Public Domain,

M240B image
By Tech. Sgt. Dawn M. Price, U.S. Air Force –, Public Domain,

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  1. as a former Marine, it sounded like a complete clusterfuck". I would have taken charge and established some structure and got all my men ak's and gear check and break up into squads and got the hell off that base.. Its obvious the russians had the coordinates on that base.

  2. I think I speak for all veterans when I say we always wear our full uniforms everywhere we go not in the military, and we especially wear boonies indoors in interviews. How else would people believe us if we didn't dress the part.

  3. Yeah not saying he didn't go to Ukraine, lots of volunteers have. Other than that I wouldn't take anything this guy says seriously. But mildly entertaining anecdotes with artistic license are still entertaining.

  4. Love you Lindy. Great interview. Guest was ultra upbeat and according to his recount, all mercifully went well for him. A lucky man so far. Somehow, I am unable to shed the feeling he's now become a recruiting agent. and your channel, perhaps a recruitment center ?
    This modern War has seen international Sport elevated to the status of the War arena, with highlights based on seconds of dubious video and commentarors rooting for both sides thanks to media of all sorts. Curiously, killing has become extremely remote, even for participants. Heard recently that 97% of all casualties come from long range fire. Only 3% are in the range of face-to-face, leaving many 'scarred' by their close range killing others (if my uncles WWII stories mean anything and 35 years of seeking out veterans for war talk gives my opinion any value), or else very gratifying, for a few other 'natural born' killers very satisfied with opportunity to fulfill themselves.
    Hope the madness ends soon. Orthodox Slavs killing Catholic Slavs makes all Slavs look bad. The wars of religion were supposed to have ended back in the 1600s.

  5. I thought they just threw these muppets into the crucibel. You know what I mean? Im a Norwegian Jeger first Jeger rule, never bee on a map tile that looks rectangual. Observe map drawn things from a distance!!!!

  6. You know now that he mentioned it, I don’t think there’s been a modern war where America didn’t have air superiority. We’ve always had complete control of the skies and could call in air support whenever we needed it. I know there are instances where we couldn’t give air support but I doubt those times were because there were enemy aircraft actively engaging our own.

  7. I'm very happy he made it back alive, and I was quite impressed with his moral and physical courage when he was first interviewed, but I've since formed the opinion that fighting for Zelensky (an American puppet and cocaine addict) and Ukraine is imbecilic. Since this war started I got bored with what was obvious propaganda being broadcast by the BBC and various other main stream outlets, so I began looking at alternative sources or what the MSM might call "conspiracy theorists", "swivel eyed loons" etc. etc. Itsnever reported in the west on national networks, but the people of Donbas have suffered enormously under the Kiev government. They've been continuously shelled since 2014. The individuals Zelensky has surrounded himself with have some very questionable political leanings – I won't get into Azov etc., but the fact that NATO/EU are supporting them is very concerning. The people who have endured the most suffering since 2014 are the 4 million ethnic Russians living in Donbas. I would advise everyone to avoid Main Stream Media reportage and do a thorough research of this war and the impact it has had on the people in the Donbas. The man being interviewed was part of an army that has routinely shelling innocent civilians in Donbas (using NATO supplied munitions). Seeing footage of the skewered remains of men, women and children in Donbas city was a turning point for me, I lost any sympathy I had for the Ukranians.

  8. Yikes, lots of Russians bots around still. The funny part is if things were reserved and they were supporting nato from Russia they would likely be in jail right now lmao.

  9. How would you like if Russians would come to fight British in Ireland? Wtf this guy-who seems like a decent chap-doing coming to kill my people who are defending our Russian population? Fighting for the neo-Nazi garbage. Listen up. Does he even know the language, the history of the region. By Spring Russians will turn Ukrainian army and Western mercenaries into small chunks of DNA and for decades they will be looking for you in the mud. Go, Russia. Already 1.200 Polish mercenaries were killed and 100.000 Ukrainians. This just the beginning. Go, Russia! Disgusting! You will pay in spades!.

  10. Those kettles are great. I love that they're self contained. I don't like how bulky they are. I prefer a liquid fuel backpacking stove and pot. I deployed 3 times in the Army. Each time I brought an msr international stove nested in a small pot. It's really nice to be able to make food for yourself & your buddies. It's a huge morale boost and a fast way to make friends. There have been many times that I and my buddies would've gone hungry if not for having means to cook for ourselves.

  11. As an American, I have clearly under-estimated the value of being able to make tea out on the military base.

    Seriously, though, a very fascinating interview that digs into some of the nitty gritty about what's going on over there. Thank you for sharing it.

  12. After the first interview and subsequent "news" about the war I was fully expecting that something bad would happen to Joe… Thankfully he made it out OK. Younger people like him give me hope for the future. Well done "Sir Joe". All the best!

  13. Joseph must have seen Zelenskyy wearing his leather gear or piano playing on video, so he was off to find Zelenskyy himself and have a gay old time together. I'm glad I'm not sharing a foxhole with this Happy Chappy. Who wears a badge 'I'm Special' 🤮

  14. He's lucky to have come back, considering how many got killed
    and buried without even having their real names recorded
    … glad he enjoy himself, think he's got enough material for a book in him,

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