Back the blue? Not any more.

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Written by Sydney Watson


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  1. My personal views are expressed somewhere towards the end. However, even if the title makes you cross, I suggest watching this video in full. I tried my best to cover as much as I could to paint an honest picture of what is going on (but still had to leave some things out so this video wasn't an hour long). I know how charged this topic is, but I think hiding from it is silly – so, here I am. Doing the thing. Enjoy. 🙂

  2. The police are public servants, their oath is to Protect and Serve. Their job is to up hold the law according to the constitution. Their job is NOT to follow fabricated mandates that power hungry politicians have used to dismantle the constitution which is how tyrants come to power.

  3. Conservatives worst take is on the police & military, it’s funny cuz after all this watch them go back to dickriding them especially after another ‘BLM’ shooting

  4. I do not think that police should become militarised yet by the definition ( law enforcement) should that not be what they they do? Enforce the law? Yet it is a narrow line between enforcement and overstep. The police are people with the same prejudices as any other people the job does not make the individual they bring their perspective to it. In a polarised society that is not the best outcome but what else do we have. It means that the bodies that oversee the correct functioning of the way the police carry out their role are pivotal in maintaining the publics trust. Are they doing their job?

  5. The type of person who wants to become a cop likes to have power over people. I believe that more than 60% of cops are leftists or just like the power. And the DAs are mostly leftists. And our military is the same. But like the men who fought/died for our Freedoms, I too am willing.

  6. I am in my 60"s, I have always have a love hate with law enforcement. There are good and bad police. The trouble is you will never which you get until until it's to late. The turning point was the *war on drugs". When get any group thinking they are potentially at war with the citizens, go figure your doing to have problems.

  7. Finally, people are opening their eyes and accepting the truth about the dangers of fetish-like unconditional reverence for the police and the ever growing paramilitary security state. For over 20 years I have been telling people (fellow conservatives, patriots, and liberty minded folks) that the police are NOT your friends nor are they on your side. Their loyalty is to the state, and their job is to compel your obedience to the ruling class.

  8. My conservative friends and I have always supported police. I still value the service that law enforcement provides our society. After hurricane Katrina, and the response of police and military forces to civilians in New Orleans, I stopped turning a blind eye toward authority. Law enforcement and military participated in criminal and unconstitutional actions against citizens in that crisis. They will do so again if ordered.

  9. As a peace officer in the US, I have been watching this and try to dig in deeper when I can. But, more and more, when I see the BS that these “officers” in other countries are doing to their citizens, and in supposed free countries.. it just feels like a kick in the guts. They do seem like they’re political enforcers rather than peace officers. I would like to think that this wouldn’t happen here, but you can already see that it has come seriously close in more liberal cities. I won’t be a part of it if it comes here, but I know there will be some that might have to face the moral dilemma of feeding their families and doing what they stand against, or standing against tyranny. Only time will tell, and I would like to believe that they will stand against it. Hopefully there is enough of us that the powers that be will take using officers in the US like this off the table.

  10. There's a line from Battlestar Galactica which I often think about with regards to situations like this: "There's a reason the police and the military are kept separate. One protects the people, the other attacks the enemies of the state. When the military and police are one and the same, then the enemies of the state tend to become the people."

  11. I m german. I support the idea of police – and had only once a positive encounter with officers in uniform.
    I m aware of the humans inside these uniforms, but i'm also aware of the way it played out in far past and did during the last 2 years.
    They are the arm of who ever is in charge – not of the law, they often claim to follow. We have a LOT of laws which were designed to protect citiziens to come under pressure by those "in charge" for no good reason – and yet we ve seen 2 years of nonsensical and useless laws and orders enforced with pure brutallity by officers.
    And now in different countries officers start to "investigate" and "coming after" people who protested PEACEFULLY.
    Ruined lifes are already reality.
    Its not even a question of time until officers force entrance into "conspirative" living rooms to drag away people who will be handled like worthless and dangerous non-humans.
    And as Sydney said: all meanwhile violent demonstrations, calls for murder and torture rang out for years now and somewhere even cumulated in free crime areas.

    Gestapo ment "Geheime Staatspolizei" – "secret state / federal police" – and what they did and caused and why is not to far of what every police force can (and sometimes) has delivered.
    I'm sorry, but i cant back up the police we now have in western countries. These people are not anymore part of the population, they are tools for the politicians. And meanwhile those seem to be "voted in place" but they became a seperate caste which is held in place by the system they created and manage to navigate with the help of main media companies.
    Sounds conspiracy level like, but its not. I dont think they have masterminds – i think it developed there nearly naturally.
    Dosnt mean that it should be that way.

    Sidney mum is completly right. If the officers in uniform would simply hold, reflect and say: wait – this is wrong. I will not follow these orders! We would be at a FAR better place right now. Nearly back to normality of the early 2000s i'd say.
    But this will not happen so easily anymore.

  12. Back to blue, OF COURSE!!

    …….but only when my Conservative ideology is in absolute power (local reps, governor, Congress, courts, DA, cop leadership, Academia, etc).

    Then they have all my support. After all; if your tribe isn't in power, your enemies' is.

    And they will create laws to punish you & cop will enforce: gun control – lockdown – etc.

    The best way I've heard this put was in the book Atlas shrugged:

    “I forget the state scientist name but he was talking to Hank trying to get him to sign over the rights to one of his inventions.

    He was telling him how some men are virtuous for us to have any dirt on them to blackmail them into doing what we want, you create laws to make men like that submit.“

    For our tribe, will create laws to have healthy boundaries between Order & Chaos, while fighting nihilism

    15:47 Syd-knee😂😂😂😂

  13. Sidney, what a great article from you on this debate to which there is NO RIGHT ANSWER ! "We the People…" are damned if we do and damned if we don't, just as the police ! EVERYONE is an expert on the Constitutionality of the Law but never studied the law OR even broke the law OR enforced the law BUT they all have beliefs that they believe they are right and everyone else is wrong. Everyone has an opinion as we do a belly button. Let's all just take a deep breath, relax, be a good person and stop electing ASS CLOWNS !! This is just to deep to solve here with a few sentences. God Bless you Sidney….Amen.

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