bad move

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  1. what short memories you have you make me sick you are a joke. What about all the civilians that the Russians have killed including women and children. What about Bucha ?? what about the POW who was castrated then shot in the head. or how about the women and kids who have been raped. Then you have 2 Ukrainian Marines (who happen to be British) being sentenced to death as the court said they are mercenaries which is total rubbish considering 1 is married to a Ukrainian and has children and the other is engaged to a Ukrainian so could not careless what happens to those they catch

  2. The ukrainians were already once bragging about their swat unit "Safari" hunting down collaborators in Bucha & later balemd the murders they did against all the men with white arm bands(Pro-Russian) on the Russian Armed Forces..-Remember the porno-style "Emotions" of "surprise" vonderleyen was expressing during her visit in Bucha….LOL

  3. The war is still ongoing. You don't want any enemy forces or spies in your rear, especially in the era of drones, gps & internet.
    Beyond that, huge sentiment against collaboration with the enemy is typical in every major war. The best way to prevent that from happening is not starting one in the first place. Yet Russian military doctrine was only willing to consider escalation as a solution.

  4. They are the same !
    They are doing the same thing they did in war world 2.
    Watch Massacres of poles in VOLHYNIA and Eastern Galicia on wikipedia and you'll see what kind of people they are …

  5. It is not really just a "sad situation" it is barbaric. There are telegram channels where they post pictures, addresses etc. of supposed "collaborators" there are firefighters, teachers, even children. They then suggest that they will be killed and even show pictures of people who have been killed. Bloody pictures. What is most ironic is the retarded Ukrainian government has a street named after a Nazi collaborator.
    Ever wonder how Germans turned against Jews and locked them up and killed them? Look no further than Ukraine

  6. At :14: not just sad or very sad. It is racist. This Kyiv regime racism against russian speaking people in Ukraine is not new as we all know. This racism is one of the reasons the people in Donbas wanted to break free from Kyiv. But EU leaders know all this and are supporting the racist Kyiv regime. And especially Germany does it. This will go on, of course. Until, well, Zelensky denying all efforts for negotiations left Russia with only ONE choice: Going on until there is a final military solution and one side cannot continue any military actions. Which side it will be can be determined on on which side the losses will be piling up until there are too few to fight.
    But there are still other option – at least on a broarder canvas: weapons of mass destruction, bioweapons, chemical weapons, tactical nuclear weapons.
    Because this "playground for warmongers" – as evil it may sound this is the reality – is the test area for weapons of all kinds and as such advertising for all the weapons tested will be kept running with more and more weapons and money there will be no shortage of weapons on both sides and therefore it will be the shortage of soldiers that will end the conflict finally, unless ABC issues occur. Of course warmongering and human conscience are contradictions.

  7. Half a year is more than enough time for those who wanted to get out of harm's way to leave .

    I'd say it's past time to get the party started. It's gonna happen any way you slice, dice or julien fry it.

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