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  1. I would have posted, if I had a Twitter account, that would you please go through and re-read what you posted and then tell me with a straight face that you’re not a stooge for the Biden administration. This is one of the biggest political scandals in history. It’s bigger than Watergate.

  2. @ 1:26 that's stanists kharma. They tll you exactly what they're doing. If you don't do anything it's your fault for allowing it. If I sell an apple and it's poisoned, that's on me. If I sell you a poisoned apple and tell you it's poisoned and you still eat it. That's your fault. They are literally saying "we stole the election" and no one is doing anything. Fortification/Stolen, two sides to the same coin.

  3. I hate the dependence on chat moderation. Aren’t we all adults? I don’t need a nanny.

    I once got throw off a computer repair chat because I said someone was anal retentive. The moderator found it offensive?

  4. Did it really impact the result of the election? Think about it, do you think any liberal in these liberal states would ever vote for Trump? Maybe if Biden or his scumbag kid were on video banging a 10 year old, maybe that would cause them not to vote for him, but not shady business deals. Blue states were staying blue because of 4 years of constant misinformation; one laptop wasn’t going to change that.

  5. Cyborg's statement right off the rip that the "fbi is a legimate law enforcement agency" says all you need to know. They literally had 3 calls regarding the florida school shooter and did nothing. They didn't even make some calls to local law enforcement to see if the kid was a legitimate threat. If they had? They'd have heard that he was violent and had been in contact with LE on numerous occasions. Why the feds who took the calls weren't immediately fired and charged with dereliction of duty is beyond me.

  6. wink wink nudge nudge you better do what we ask…sounds like the vax mandates in Canada. "no, we didn't do ANYTHING to coerce people" other than fire them, prevent them from using public transit, flying out of country, crossing borders, etc. NO "vee did NUTINK"

  7. Speaking about government influence: did anyone else notice that during the EA hearings a LE official stated in a TM that they KNEW the night before what story CTV was going to run the next day?

    How did a government official KNOW about what a media company story was being run and when?

  8. You can always count on a liberal to take the most extreme position possible on things like this. They cannot be reasonable. It gets very tiresome. As many have said, they are always accusing others of exactly what they are doing or have been doing.

  9. what happened to business schools teaching ethics and morals. and why are people with none excepted into workforce for major company's is a better question? then why are people whining about it !

  10. I cannot believe I'm hearing this claptrap.
    We are in a full-blown, final, complete fascist takeover of our government & JOURNALISTS, for God's sake, are in collusion with the darkest totalitarian global forces the world has ever witnessed.
    And yet, people around me say, "I don't know who to believe. I don't know who to trust. I don't know what to do."
    FFS! WASF.

    I'm actually a leftist, not a "Democrat."
    How did we become a country where everybody seems to have lost their internal, personal moral compass & are incapable of seeing what is staring them in the face?
    We're arming Not-sees… we're on the wrong side of history… and we VOTED for this sh*t?

    I don't see any method by which this can be corrected through traditional political action.
    The half of the country that IS able to see the hypocrisy & criminality in this particular case thinks their "strongman" will solve everything & set the world right.
    OMG. What a mass delusion.
    They voted for the damned politicians that gave us a SCOTUS that decided Citizens United. They unwittingly embrace their own disenfranchisement & inevitable enslavement. Because that will really get the "libs" panties in a wad, won't it?
    Wake tf up.

  11. Man this is like when Sam Harris said, "I would have votes for biden even if his son had dead children in his basement."

    Weird, they said Joe Biden was in the basement his whole campaign.

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