Ballot Mules Funded by Obama-Linked NGOs Pouring Billions Into ‘Local Insurgencies’: Chief Analyst

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  1. WHO FUNDING the Ballot Mules in the different cities across the country? That's the $200 million dollar question. To answer it, we flew down to Florida and interviewed True the Vote's founder and lead researcher. They explained how there are BILLIONS of dollars in funding that flowed through Obama-affiliated foundations to "local insurgencies" to fund these… creative ballot initiatives. They also explained that their movie (and their initial research) is just the beginning. Watch the full interview 👉

  2. Because the bulk of the election officials are Democrats and they will do nothing to expose the cheating they know is occuring. We all saw the cheating, we saw the evidence being ignored and destroyed intentionally, investigation constantly confirms there was cheating – when will something be DONE about it – heads need to roll, arrests need to be made, convictions need to happen!

  3. It’s a genocide. Millions of people died from Covid. Covid was created to ensure their would an enormous amount of mail in ballots.

    Bottom line democrats and supporters created the scenario resulting in millions dying all in an attempt to get Trump outta office.
    People need held accountable.

  4. Without awareness there is no choice…now that the civilian population is aware of election fraud and attacks on Americas sovereignty by unelected multinationals, we will have justice and Citizen Grand Juries are inevitable.

  5. God speed this herculean effort! Evil is everywhere, in every facet of the workings of this country. And it's growing exponentially. God help all honest Democrats, Republicans, & Independents to open their eyes to see the truth. Our lives & country are hanging in the balance.

  6. At least YouTube didn't put the absurd banner below your video reminding everyone that "this was one of the most secure elections in history, and there is no evidence of widespread fraud." Baby steps, maybe, but maybe you are making a little impact.

  7. It's not important to know who fired the gun. It IS crucial, though, to know who PAID for the gun…….and hopefully True The Vote will soon reveal who "paid for the gun".

  8. Before the last election, one JRB said "We're in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama's administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics".
    He spoke the truth, but no one really took it seriously.

  9. Our Political System is very sick! Our court system is broken by power and greed! God help us! The liberal media and even some conservative media outlets have closed their eyes and minds to the truth! God help our country! God protect them and the truth! God help the truth to become completely public

  10. People cannot handle the truth. It is the truth that sets us free. Most people like to be controlled or something would have already would have went forward but the system and alot of people have been corrupted. Power,greed and illegal activities are going on and no one is trying to stop it at all. POS world we are currently experiencing.

  11. I just hope and pray the the judicial system will not do what they have been doing, which is nothing. Refusing or dismissing cases being brought before them. The Democrats will stoop to everything to cover this up, they are just that Evil and desperate to keep the position of power and control over the American people.

  12. If there were foreign interests involved with the Ballot fraud in the 2020 election and money from those foreign interests was given to local groups, which appears to be the case; it would be an act of war. My understanding is many in Washington DC already knew these things and are scared to death of what the American people will do? Another glaring fact is they have turned the US Capitol of these United states into a fortified position. Whatever is going to happen seem to be getting closer to an actual public confrontation between the forces to be; verses the forces for Constitutional government. We have already lost constitutional standing with this possibly illegitimate administration.
    If all these accusation are factual we need some major changes in the US. We also need to find out who those foreign influences are and act according.
    Call your Representatives in the House and Senate and demand action on these issues; also warn them that the Midterm election are 6 months away and there action; or lack of action will determine how you vote in November. Flood the phone lines with calls and get on the internet and pass the word we need to start fighting back; or we are done as a nation of free people.

  13. Marshall Law and Tribunals and the Democratic party abolished , every person and company that's involved in this Coup arrested and assets seized as well as the turncoat RINO'S involved.
    This would be just the start…

  14. What scares me about all this is, as the democrats realize that they are screwed, I believe that they will create a terrorist event that will thanks to Bush and Cheney the whole country will go into marshal law

  15. Damn these crooks. Good will prevail, though unfortunately it usually takes so long but we need to stand strong and listen to these hardworking decent people and fight evil with them.

  16. Stolen Elections of 2020
    Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Hussein Obama r the main Architects of Stolen Elections of 2020, Karma is waiting for them

  17. Indeed yes God is on the side of freedom and so we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts, please know we pray God’s holy protection upon you always, Archangel Saint Michael stands guard over you, truly.

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