BALLOT PRINTERS Ordered to Be Installed on All Voting Machines, Produce Paper Backup Trail: New Law

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  1. The integrity of American elections also demand that we increase the representation in the House above 435 and more to where the Constitution says 1 per 30,000. How did we get 435? Will we ever get more Reps? Only if the American people demand it. How can a people govern themselves without all the facts?

  2. No way should this be done with Our government in the state it is. This corrupt election garbage is not going to go away. What happened in 2020 wasn't anything sneeky bc we all knew what was going to happen and it turned out exactly to be corrupted and twisted like everything our government attempts to do now days. Can't trust the current government with elections, with going after corrupt criminal politicians, They are and have been abusing their office and putting their pocket books above everything else including the Constitution and equal jutice for all. No more outside donations for politicians and their campaigns. Term limits and every dime in their accounts to be reviewed and confiscated for the corruption used in gaining their monies. Not that hard to draw lines between the dots. They make the laws they use to steal funds from us tax payers and are funded by outside foreign influence. That's who is running Our Country. Everyone is being paid off. This must stop. Super pack b.s..

  3. if state dont do this thay cant be counted make federal biden already said the vote was going to be ilegmit so if this happens the vote will happen with ammo box ? sad bad

  4. Election safety and integrity is absolutely alpha and omega next time. Severe consequences should be implemented to scare off scammers . Life imprisonment .

  5. Put Thermal Paper on a Lightbulb, or hit it with a Hot Air Dryer and you get Black Paper It is made in China, and too easy to abuse the vote! Regular PAPER & PEN BALLOTS are the best for Election Integrity.

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