Banishment from the Financial System: the War on Dissent

The accompanying Substack article examining the broader Neoliberal War on Dissent in the West is here:

The original Rumble video is here:

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Written by Glenn Greenwald


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  1. It really is starting to look something like an attempt to abolish democracy. Personally I think it stems from 2016 & absolute panic and fear in the ruling class at Brexit and the election of Trump. I think the ruling classes decided that never again would they allow ordinary citizen voter democracy to produce a result they didn't like. Scary times we are now moving into I'm glad I'm old and lived most of my life in an era of cash & (relatively) free speech & protest.

  2. Lieberman has always been pro-censorship. If you’ve ever bought a video game in the last 25 years and seen an ESRB rating, that’s Joe’s doing. He originally wanted the government to do the censorship for you.

  3. Diabolical..Deletion, censoring and worse…This is so informative..I am an M.D.with 4 years of college,4 years of medical school, 4 years of surgical residency training in the hospital who actually treats patients even with COVID…1st it was 15 days to flatten the curve, now 15 days to flatten the Canadian truckers..Trudeau, WTH are you thinking?.. #TrudeauGoTruckYourself ..

    Mom's great-grandkids live near Lauden, Virginia..She went to every PTA meeting for the 5 of us..She would be there now..She voted in every election…My mother was an R.N. born and raised near Canada….She was Head Nurse for the ER ..She knew masks did not block viruses.

    She made sure all of her 5 kids got childhood measles, mumps, chickenpox, Rubella, pertussis to have lifelong, robust immunity forever…

    She stopped giving vaccines when she saw the reactions..She would not trust or believe the Chinese or W.H.O. or Fauci..

    My sister was an R.N. .She gave 10,000's of vaccines and then quit when she saw the reactions…She would not believe or trust China or W.H.O. or Fauci.

    My wife was an R.N. and she did not believe Fauci either,

    My 2 brothers were M.D.'s= OB-GYN bringing life into the world and they did not believe Fauci and stopped giving vaccines when they saw the reactions..They felt injecting vaccines to pregnant women is malpractice..

    I am also an M.D. I have had these reactions with prior vaccines..I will not discuss my side effects..I work on the front line treating patients face-to-face but did not take the COVID mRNA vaccines…In 2020 I got COVID and I was cured with 'SPIvermectin' ($18).-

    Now I am now blocked from FDA & CDC & CNN & Facebook–What did I say–"Research what FAUCI says…Research what I say."I am seeing co-workers, friends, and patients with COVID vaccine side effects…COVID vaccines are not what we were promised.

    Did you ever wonder why Fauci has never told us how to improve our immune system in 450 TV interviews? I wish we had mandatory Vitamin C and vitamin D and Zinc and SPIvermectin, being considered by the politicians instead of mandatory, forced vaccines and boosters forever and mandatory mask mandates that are planned…

    Fauci funded Gain of Function GMO mutant, lethal viruses and Paid to torture baby puppies…

    Don’t be me….. I am an M.D. but let me tell you what parents, politicians, teachers, neighbors, the media, and even doctors didn’t know…..

    We did not know that Vaccines had not been tested….

    We did not know the ingredients of vaccines….. We did not know enough to research vaccines before vaccinating my own children..

    We did not know that vaccines were given a blanket indemnity from liability in 1986 (they cannot be sued)……We did not know that we gave more vaccines than any other country…..

    We did not know that we are the only country that gives newborn babies Hepatitis B vaccines ( against a sexually transmitted disease) on the 1st day of life..We did not know that the US has the highest rate of SIDS in the industrialized world on the 2nd day of life… We did not know that we had more autism than any other country…..

    We did not know that Vaccines could injure an infant's brain (encephalitis) .. We did not know that vaccines can result in autoimmunity and neurological damage..We did not know that the much-ballyhooed fallacy of ''herd immunity'' does NOT apply to vaccines and is a myth created by the CDC and by Merck Vaccine Company for the media to tell us is the reason to get vaccines..

    We did not know that Vaccines have almost NO effect after about four years and the new COVID vaccine only lasts 4 months..We did not know that more college students are getting mumps and measles because they have no protection from these childhood illnesses from their vaccines….

    We did not know that the measles vaccine only comes in the MMR now but the single version of just the measles vaccine was safer and not causing autism..

    We did not know that Dr.Wakefield was proven to be right…We did not know that when adults get their DPT vaccines to visit their grandchildren that the "P" pertussis = whooping cough infection is actually still alive in them then and they are then contagious like "Typhoid Mary'', and these adults are actually carrying the infection and then spreading pertussis=whooping cough…We did not know how emotional the topic would be and how angry people would be at me for just asking questions about Vaccine Safety..

    I did not know that pediatricians do not even know the vaccine ingredients, like mercury, aluminum, and Human DNA and neurotoxic aluminum molecules and glyphosate….. We did not know that pediatricians were paid a ''kick-back'' to give vaccines.

    We did not know there was a law to report vaccine reactions but almost zero pediatricians know that and about zero vaccine reactions are ever reported.We did not know it was called VAERS (look it up)…I did not know that there is a "Vaccine Court" that doles out money to vaccine victims…I did not know that it has already paid out over $$$ 4 Billion dollars ..

    We did not know that the CDC owned the Patents on vaccines and earned billions of dollars a year selling vaccines worldwide.We did not know that the US government promised countries financial aid only if they ordered their people to take the CDC's vaccines and the US CDC now controls the W.H.O. and the vaccine makers now control the CDC…

    WTH!!..I did not know how angry at myself I would be for not knowing…We did not know that the CDC committed fraud…We did not know that it would take a CDC whistleblower to discover the CDC fraud…I did not know that Merck committed fraud repeatedly..

    We did not know that the mercury and aluminum in vaccines is connected to brain inflammation and brain inflammation is connected to autism and connected to my mother's Alzheimer's (everyone's Alzheimer's) ..We did not know that a flu vaccine could kill you like it killed my brother by causing Guillain-Barre Paralysis…We did not know how much mainstream media would censor the independent research…We did not know it would take me so many years to wake up…

    We did not know how fast and furious Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, and Merck, and all the vaccine makers would be to smear excellent doctors and researchers that showed unsafe side-effects, just like what happened when Vioxx and Thalidomide and DDT and cigarettes were questioned..We did not know that the CDC has never studied a group that is divided into a ''vaccinated group'' and compared them to an ''unvaccinated group''..

    We did not know that every other independent researcher who has done the comparison between those 2 groups has shown that the UN-vaccinated group is healthier and the VAXinated group has many times more asthma, SIDS, auto-immune diseases, ADD, ADHD, autism, chronic rashes, deadly allergic reactions to peanuts, milk, beef, latex, etc. and their parents need to carry Epi-Pens..

    We did not know that the Vaccine researchers studied African children and found that the children there who GOT vaccinated, especially with the CDC's DPT vaccine were 5 times (Yes, five times) for likely to die before the age of 5.

    We did not know that the doctors on every news show who are the vaccine maker's mouthpieces were actually getting millions from the vaccine profits and were never questioned or exposed

  4. Was not a piecful truck drivers paid my Republican Hate Groops.
    Glenn is deliberately lying about Canada. Canada is a British Terretory, the Crown (the Queen of England) absolutely Rules in Canada.
    Glenn deliberately LIES. His LIES are who he is considered a SNITCH and BAD FAITH ACTOR in the Hackers and Leakers community, Glenn is a KNOWN SHITCH and COLLABRATOR with White House of both TRUMP and BIDEN.

  5. Was not a piecful truck drivers paid my Republican Hate Groops.
    Glenn is deliberately lying about Canada. Canada is a British Terretory, the Crown (the Queen of England) absolutely Rules in Canada.
    Glenn deliberately LIES. His LIES are who he is considered a SNITCH and BAD FAITH ACTOR in the Hackers and Leakers community, Glenn is a KNOWN SHITCH and COLLABRATOR with White House of both TRUMP and BIDEN.

  6. The emergency act is just a soft way to say marshal law and marshal law is a soft way to say dictatorship. There is no moral or legitimate purpose for the behavior of marshal law. The gun was always there only now no longer under the table. The iron fist of the world bank is losing its velvet glove.

  7. I agree 100% with everything you said. But you failed to mention the GA did get funding through Bitcoin. It pissed the government off to no end that there was nothing they could do about it. Now the truckers are also slowly starting to understand and use BTC. The government is making it difficult but again. They cannot stop it no matter what they are saying. If nothing else at least mention the BTC option in your videos. The government hates BTC. Don't you agree that a financial system outside of the relm of government is a good and important thing the people of the world want and need? Please. Help the cause.

  8. The truckers, or any group in the future that wants to launch a protest should make sure they carry cash— lots of it. Eliminate the middleman banksters. Another good argument for keeping out the progression toward a cashless society. Tyrannical government / corporate power have been manipulating the mainstream corporate media for decades in a similar manner. It is simple to threaten six (6) CEO's of the six (6) mainstream media corporations that own all corporate news, and entertainment as a means of producing propaganda aimed at the public.

  9. I don’t disagree with Glenn’s concern. However, what first constitutes an appropriate expression of dissent. The definition of dissent is merely the holding or expression of a contrarian opinion. By all accounts the Ottawa protestors infringed on the freedoms of some of citizens and businesses. That’s seems far beyond merely dissenting. Further, the Ottawa protestors’ objectives included the displacement of the duly elected government. This is obviously way beyond dissent. I am uncomfortable with the governments actions but I was originally uncomfortable with the protestors’ objectives and tactics.

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