Bank Of England Just Announced The Unthinkable

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  1. How is this the unthinkable? I thought this entire channel is premised that this is what banks always do in history. Never have we seen a government choose a deflationary depression over hyperinflation.

  2. Central bankers live in a bubble and are told what to do and when to do it to fit their handler’s corporate agenda. You can insert your adjective to describe the “evil corporation here.” Their agenda is always to end a fiat debt cycle with some form of global conflict which when it ends makes them richer. There agenda is not to use common sense for the betterment of humanity. After the carnage the average person is left to pick up the pieces. Yes, George it is crazy!

  3. We have an elected gov cutting tax and capping energy bills to help citizens and a central bank fighting them lifting rates as instructed by WEF. Whatever our gov screws up they have to be left in charge as elected reps and not allow the unelected WEF to run show anymore. Now cut a deal for fuel with Putin

  4. Keep interest rates near zero for 10 years, let all corporations and people lever up to their eye teeth, create a stock market bubble and cash out all the 33 degree Masons, create a supply disruption and call it inflation, raise interest rates in the name of inflation, collapse the stock and real estate markets, wait for all the corporations to go bankrupt, stick all the pensions to the US taxpayer, buy productive assets like Ford, GM, GE, and all the rest out of bankruptcy court. It's the easiest way to take control of productive assets, it's called a Communist takeover

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