Bank Runs Have Started in China – Will They Come Here?

China is experiencing bank runs. People cannot get to online banking and they cannot withdraw money from ATMs. Electronic payments are not going through, but the worst part is they’re allowing funds to be deposited into accounts that people cannot get access to. #BankRuns #Banking #GlobalEconomy #IAllegedly #BankClosure #ElonMusk #Inflation #TheFed #CreditFreeze #Silver #Investing #Webull #stocks #MiseryIndex

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  1. Did you see the article that shows actuals deaths in 2020 and 2021. Now that money printing is off properties will slide down pretty fast.

  2. Need everyone's opinion. I own my home in the midwest. I want to sell it to move to Florida. I pay taxes, utilities, insurance and food. small amount. I want to rent in Florida until I find something. If I rent could cost 2 to 3 thousand a month. Good move or not? I'm selling at the highs.

  3. Dan, only one way to prep for what's going on in the world right now. Make sure you have a great relationship with God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. You're not far off from being a true believer soon Dan.

  4. I remember when banks used to be open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. They were never open on Saturday and ATMs hadn't even been thought of. But where I live we didn't have 7-11 until the late 1970s, and it was thirty miles from my house.

  5. hey its dan the world is on fire chiner is imploding corn pop biden is a demented deep stater and listen guys its over its all true were done stick a fork in us ///////

  6. Government Subsidies by definition are Corruption!
    For that is the government picking the winners and losers in a free market, that is not government's job.

  7. Great video like always!!!!!
    Im watching as a Onwer Operator as a truck driver for my own LLC. We see how the economy was coming down from last November. We see how big company are getting less and less products because they see the numbers coming down!
    Thank you and see you tomorrow!!!!!

  8. So right now Wells Fargo allowed an unauthorized purchase for thousands of dollars to get charged even though it was disputed, they are now just holding that money in their system. That money isn't anywhere and they are refusing to return it, the company that charged, return it. The company confirmed multiple times that is was returned the bank is now just keeping it in their system. It's quite irritating but Wells Fargo keeps lying about returning it. Call after call; First it was held on dispute, the dispute is over they said they would credit the account, they said it would be returned in a couple of day, they said that they would process the return. But nothing! My point is if Wells Fargo can't or isn't refunding money back to people. Should this indicate that there is a more serious problem just lying beneath the surface of what the public sees and that there is a huge issue just beneath the facade.

  9. @14:00 minutes in I saw that little mini south swell ramp start to wall up behind ya just past the little rocky outcropping and thought “Aww she’s (Mother O) got a nice one for him today!” 😂😂

  10. In my country (Denmark) less than 1% are prepared for the crash. I dont talk with anyone about it, since they think I am a moron. Most people can not even plan the next meal. Sad many are so incompetent today. Thanks big Dan.

  11. gas was a 1.89 now its 4,85 sounds like hyperbolic inflation pudding putin is only 10 percent of the worlds oil supply so 10 percent price increase but its like a 125 percent increase

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