Banks are Closing Accounts If They Don’t Like You

What is your business deal? We don’t like that. We’re going to close your account because we don’t like landscapers and painters and anything else that we seem as questionable. #BanksClosingAccounts #Banking #Inflation #IAllegedly #Silver #Gold #MiningStocks #ServiceCharges #evcars #stimuluschecks #stimulus #opensea #nft

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  1. The costs of getting silver and gold out of the ground can be very high risk with little or no reward.I have seen good company's with good balance sheets go under because the prospects weren't there as they first thought.

  2. The labour,machinery,mining rights,purchase or leasing titles for mining are so costly theres days that $17 mil won't go far.Been there done that.Be carefull Dan to even suggest to look at a investment could come back and bite you.

  3. Sir. I’ve been following you for some time now. What I am hearing you say doesn’t make sense. How can a bank close your account and not give you your money if you are a business? I can see that if you owe the bank money.

  4. I commented this in your other video. They did it to me. Closed my bill pay account for no reason. I run my own automotive repair business. 10 years now! They closed my bill pay account and told me it was "high risk"

    Except it's an account used solely to pay bills 🤷‍♂️

  5. More Wells Fargo games. I have a no fee/rewards WF credit card that I have used for many years to pay for almost all of my day to day expenses.  I use the rewards to get stuff I need, never have paid a dime in interest. So, as usual I scheduled my WF payment from a couple of my brokerage accounts. Imagine my surprise when I got an e-mail 1 day before the due date informing me that my payment couldn't be processed because they only allow one online payment in the same day. WHAT?

    I won't be using this card anymore, don't trust these assholes.

  6. Recently when I was in a small resort town in Minnesota on vacation I noticed that if I used an American Express charge card they charged me extra money for using it which they had never done before

  7. Well my wife and I were at a restaurant recently they automatically put a 20% tip on the bill which normally works out just fine because we tip that but what if the service or food was really bad then do I got to get into an argument about it with the manager

  8. I am closing my account with one of my banks.. I have not a small deposit in this bank. I took some money out for some expenditures and got my bank statement and saw I was charged a banking fee. I called and asked why and they said I needed a certain amount of money into the account It was about a 3k shortage so I put 7k back in to avoid a deduction of my account just to have another bank account . i believe in having more than one bank in case they run into trouble and I have to slowing get my money as it is supposed to be assured with FDIC. So after I made this deposit I again get a deduction on my account.. I am closing the account and will take out every penny and open an account with a new bank that will definitely not lie to me about getting charged . Why should I get charged for having a deposit in a bank? Total rip off. I don't like them and frankly I don't care if they don't like me.

  9. I got my deed in the mail from the office of the county clerk, but it's not what I expected. It is the same as what I got when my wife and I purchased the property back in 2010. At that time, I had a mortgage, which isn't shown on the document. I DO have a payoff letter from the bank. That is more meaningful than what I got from the county.

  10. I have been paying my phone bill with a bank credit card. I get a notice today that I am going to be getting "phone protection" from the bank for a small fee. I will be switching to another card tomorrow.

  11. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but if their end goal is for us to be 100% cashless society, then what happens when there's a grid down or hack on our digital money? Oh wait……maybe that's the goal in the end. For us to have nothing and rely on big brother for everything. Guess we better prepare for a bartering system.

  12. Bimart store in Oregon can't get anymore distilled water. They also have pharmacy & normally carried big supply
    Staff told me former supplier retired & no new supplier found.
    We joked that apparently wildfires are being fought with distilled water to protect environment.

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