Banks HOARD Cash As Recession Fears Mount | Breaking Points

Krystal and Saagar discuss new economic information that could indicate an incoming recession.

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  1. Minimum wage in Pa is the fed rate. You can work one hour and buy one Whopper meal with .37 cents to spare. If you use fast food to set minimum wage it should be at least $25 per hour so a worker could afford almost 4 whopper meals to feed their family. It should not take 4 hours of work as it is now to buy fast food for a family only one time per week.

  2. If you're borrowing money to begin with, you're the problem. With the exception of a mortgage, you should NEVER borrow money! If you can't maintain zero balances on all your accounts, you're doing it wrong!

  3. Banks are not hoarding cash, if you want a loan and are qualified you can get one. Holding more capital and increasing allowances is not a sign of hoarding anything. Banks don’t make money unless they make loans. If banks start making less loans it is very likely it’s due to a drop in loan demand.

  4. Powell has made sure banks make a killing thanks to him! Republican Powell with Larry Summers Biden's first hire again repeating 2008 towards main street causing even the elderly to put food on credit cards with increased interest rates! Our politics are corrupt.

  5. there has been a recession going on in the country for a year plus! guess some folk dont pay attention when purchasing there nine dollar cup of expresso in the morning – thats what happens when you have generations of people who make purchases using plastic and not cash

  6. Small aside, pensions don’t really have “deals” in place to keep credit ratings high. Pensions have investment guidelines, to ensure that the investment managers they hire stay within the parameters of the investment program. Many pensions don’t manage any of the money themselves, it is often outsourced to investment managers. These guidelines are usually in place to be benchmark relative. So if the treasury index is downgraded along with the physical I doubt there would be any rebalance triggers.

  7. In 2008 when the housing bubble burst banks that were heavily invested, primarily in housing development as well as elsewhere, became insolvent. That means that their liabilities were greater than their existing assets. A lot of banks went under. The government bailed out those "too big to fail". If the tides are signaling recession, then it may be prudent for banks to keep a healthy balance sheet.

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