Banks Mandate Vaccinations

Banks Mandate Vaccinations.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. Cant help but wonder, if the vacc is safe and stops you from getting sick and stops you from infecting others then everyone would get it ( no mandate would be needed). This isn't about our health. Fascism is on the rise again. It is attacking western democracy and global corporations are doing its bidding. CRT being taught in schools and universities and being adopted by Police and Militaries, increasingly left wing authoritarian political dogma being adopted by even Conservative political parties. Decreasing rights to privacy, media freedom ( non MSM, MSM is no longer to be relied upon when it comes to just giving fact based news) and protest (if that protest doesn't have the CORRECT political ideology), increasing big tech censorship, and public servants are also jumping on the band wagon. Bad times ahead.

  2. I had to argue with a doctor the other day for thinking he had any authority to decide what medicine I took. “Get with the times grandpa! The government and banks tell ME what to put in my body, based on population wide averages, no exception. Heil Hydra!”

  3. France 1793, Robespierre was elected to the Committee of PUBLIC SAFETY.
    The Committee of Public Safety arrested 300,000, executed 17,000, and allowed ~ 10,000 to die in prison without trial.

    Public Health & Safety + Political Correctness + Force = Reign of Terror.

  4. One thing that is missing from this whole debate in Australia is the sobering fact that the vaccines particularly the Pfizer have failed. They don’t work as intended and are dangerous. It’s clear to see from government data the world over.

  5. nurses have said that 90% are getting the jab only to get back their freedom.. banks were always going to enforce it being attendees of the dress rehearsal for the covid fraud like a month before it kicked off.. obviously they need a 'great reset' of their fiat ponzi scheme

  6. My wife an I have decided to leave australia and not return. It is surprising to us just how many people, we’ve spoken to, who have the same thoughts or plans in place. A big beautiful world out there … Australia has decided to not be apart of it

  7. That's criminal, anyone who's done a even a tiny amount of research knows that it's a evil poison. Also I think the that less than 50% of staff are vaxed or o.k. with getting it.

  8. @Heise Says As the science by Mayo Clinic says – The Pfizer and Moderna effectiveness drops to 46% within 2-6 months, so the 'Pass' will be useless. But how do you know when the effectiveness drops on an individual? Who was vaxxed yesterday and who a year ago? My doc got his 9 months ago, so it's close to useless but he has a pass. Add in the effectiveness of Pfizer and Moderna against the predominant strain Delta is only 48%.

  9. Leaving Westpac because of their now forgotten illegal money laundering activity (it’s taken a while to pay off my Westpac credit card)

    I will be leaving Commonwealth now because of their mandate

  10. No issues getting vax but employers need to carry out risk review on staff who have other transferable issues such as aids, std’s, Ebola… etc and take the same action as cronie vax. ohh wait but it’s discriminatory if anyone asks about it.

  11. The lockdowns governments imposed around the world were designed not to protect against a virus but to permanently close down as many small businesses as possible leaving only the big corporates intact. The big corporates will willingly impose any mandates that governments want after all they were let off with billions in tax over the years so now it's time to repay the favour.

    Governments have always hated small businesses because they don't view them as having any value and they need more administration and thus cost more to regulate and control due to their once sheer numbers whereas they see a small clique of big business as easier to deal with. And now that we have entered a post-Covid world governments perceive small businesses as most likely to disregard vax mandates. Where I live (Northern Ireland) there are small local businesses that have already stated they will not implement medical apartheid and vax passport policies should the government demand it.

    It's only a matter of time before all of the large corporations implement in totality vax mandates for both employees and customers. Those who don't take the vax could eventually end up debanked which will make life extremely difficult if not impossible. You could also not be allowed to use public transport and governments could if they wanted cancel your driving licence. And once you give in to one thing where does it end? Will you eventually have to have a good mental health rating to partake in society? Will a restaurant turn you away because they're afraid you might turn into a spree killer? You might say things would never go that far and I would reply that two years ago no one would have ever believed that everyone would have been put under medical house arrest. You would have been laughed at and regarded as a crank if you suggested that could happen. Governments can do anything they want if we let them.

    When big corporates and governments cosy up together that is the definition of Fascism just read up on Mussolini. He created the world's first fascist dictatorship based on the corporate state. Any business or indeed individuals who willingly implement medical apartheid mandates are collaborationists and as we should all know from history collaborators never fare well in the end. Although I do wonder does society now have the balls to fight back or have we grown too weak and compliant?

    Whether people are vaxed or not they should boycott all businesses demanding vaccinations for their goods and services. Money talks and choking off their cash flow is the best weapon that we have.

    And remember this for frick sake many gave their lives in World War 2 to defeat fascism so don't piss that sacrifice down the toilet and let another bunch of wannabe Nazi bastards put you under the Jackboot.

  12. Did you know there is such thing as the Nuremburg Code? The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights? Breaking every rule in the book. Crimes against humanity with a forced medical experiment.

  13. I think there is something evil about the people that want to force others to get injected. Peer pressure to take drugs.
    It's hard to get vaccinated when it is participating in evil.