Banks Predict Soaring Inflation

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Banks continue to predict soaring inflation in 2022.


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  1. The only time you wanna sell your Gold is when the new digital Sheckel system or whatever they are going to call it comes in (and only as you need these new currency units)…all the best from the dystopian future😉

  2. I'm sure when the Australian econmy starts to falter the government will be giving another 60k for building a new home just so they can the pyramid scheme going.

  3. Well actually,while it wont be such a buzz of a news article skipping meals is good for health for most adults.
    News channels could promote is as Saving the fatsos of Australia- "new miracle way to good health",parliament introduces "skip a meal week" as new legislation into the parliament.

  4. BLASPHEMY!! I will never give up my PM stack – as a chronic sufferer of MDPS (Modern-Day-Pirate-Syndrome), I intend to have myself shot into space (post-mortem preferably) with my PM stack in my coffin with me – a coffin made from recycled Spam tins (junk food prepper inclinations showing there). In conclusion; being a conspiracy theorist is becoming less viable, insofar as governments seem bent on proving me right – plus aluminium foil isn’t exempt from the inflationary crisis. Cool vid there Flozza 🤘😜🤘

  5. To borrow a Japanese term from the 1980s, we have an 'excess money' situation. That excess money wasn't equally distributed, but it's out there, sloshing around, and 2-3 years of higher inflation could burn a lot of it off.

  6. Liberal party's answer to soaring inflation, every employee will be required to work an additional 10 hours a week for no additional pay, even casuals. If your busy at work, you wont have time to think about all the things your pay will no longer be able to buy and don't forget to be grateful, we could have sent your job overseas !

  7. I am not a globalist at the checkout Heise; if the item is less than triple the price, it would have been if I bought from overseas then I buy Australian made. I had my squat rack built here, the trailer for my Toyota I know foreign car, but the trailer was built in Australia, camping gear, boots, amongst other things. The primary problem is we make so little here that is of a decent quality. Every dollar you spend is vote, people.

  8. The fact that the global central bankers get away with this crime amazes me.
    When they pumped trillions into the system after the 2008 GCF and took us zero interest rates.
    They knew exactly what they were doing and so did many alternative financial commentators.
    But nothing was done to stop them.
    These banksters have set us up again and are now coming back for 95% they didn't get in 08.
    I mean..
    Who's going to stop them.?💸

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  10. There are two types of inflation, supply driven and demand driven. What is happening is supply driven. Interest rate rises just make it worse on the consumer with debt. Most people.

  11. It depends, computer chips are coming down, meat is coming down/holding steady in Perth at butchers, fuel obv sky high. food haven't noticed really. I buy local, it may start rising now due to fuel.

  12. Plenty of ways to save money. Get rid of your car if you can, don't eat out, ditch your pay TV or Netflix, skip meals etc. Challenging times aren't easy but they build character.

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