Banks Racing To Raise Rates

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Banks are competing to raise interest rates.


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  1. With low interest rates alot of people borrowed up big!
    A few rises will hurt a few of these people.
    It could cool the market by allowing more house stock to become available at lower prices.

  2. People have borrowed up big time against there homes in last two years. Some people have it there heads that the housing market will never slow or fall and interest rates will ever raise. When very little Australian’s made the most of extremely low interest rates and paid a lot more off there home.

  3. the people who are ahead on their mortgages are most likely those that took out their mortgage more than ten years ago and have enjoyed falling interest rates, not those that borrowed recently

  4. Look at all the losers in here happy that fixed rates are up. Fixed rate rises have nil impact on people that already bought and it also makes sense as banks are anticipating rates will be higher in 3 years derrr.

    I am just glad that I am Chinese Australian which means all my investment properties were bought with cash. Lololol 🚀

  5. Fixed rates only going up at this stage, when variable rates start rising it will hit the fan. By the time people's fixed rate loans mature they might get a shock when they revert to a rising variable rate.

  6. It shows just how serious trouble people are in that its predicted a lot of them will lose their homes if rates go up just 1%. What will happen when the rates normalise at around 6-7% in the near future? I was paying 17% in the late 80's. People have lost sight of reality and will now be on the street!

  7. This is expected and don't think you will have your deposit rates increased either.

    For every 1% the federal rates rise, if the banks match that increase, they are making an additional 5% on that lending they do.

    This puts the federal banks in the shitter combating inflation, as it incentivises banks to lend more.

  8. The 🐑 deserve everything they get. So its an apparent pandemic and times off uncertainty , but also an awesome time to pay ridiculous overs for a house 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️. I saw this coming a mile away. Apparently the economy is recovering better than expected 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Rates and inflation is going to Drastically slow the housing market and economys worldwide , most people have never seen to two Inflate together this is going to end in disaster ??????

  10. The R.B.A ( private institution ) was in the Bond market the other day buying massive amounts if AUD bonds to try to defend their interest rate policy of no rises until 2024, well, they go over run, they have now changed policy. The market dictates interest rates not Private Central Banks, low interest rates, high inflation, and you dollar is buying less with every ticking second. Old Rothchild game, make money cheap and plentiful, get everyone in, push-up the cost of everything, retract the money supply, buy everything back for pennies on the pound.

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