Banks will track your Carbon Footprint

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I bet they will try to sell you products to offset your carbon guilt.


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  1. On Tim Pool's podcast they were discussing Australian scientists having come up with a way to harvest co2 out of the air and use it to make graphene batteries. Plenty of technology out there to solve problems, but people don't realise those technologies aren't being implemented because the carbon they want to reduce is YOU.

  2. Watched a few videos of a guy in the UK who follows world events both political and financial and explains what's going on. He said that a client of his was able to take out a larger loan than normal for a business because he had what the lender said was a higher ESG score. And no doubt banks and other lenders here will do the same thing to entice people to go more 'green'.

    Edit: He was able to get a much lower interest rate for the loan rather than a larger loan amount.

  3. As long as we can see the banks executive's carbon footprints & also the idiots at the reserve banks carbon footprints.
    Who are Banks to moralise to their customers ,greatest joke of the century

  4. Pay with cash and by pass the whole system. have score that just using monthly bills. two can play this game of calculating points to shame others. lets makes a score for the bank on all the carbon used in providing services and products.

  5. All of western countrues just utter garbage nonsense.

    Cannot produce anything.

    Get all from. ASIA.

    All western countries should stop buying things from Asia and start manufacturing your own goods.

    Then talk of Carbon and Climate change.

    We in western countrues are biggest HYPOCRITES in the world

    We are going to have serious problems. Keep a look at what is happening.

    De globalisation.
    De dollarisation
    Multipolar world.

    Also we people in Australia need to watch what us happening in Asia don't just follow America, Europe like idiots.

    Look at what's happening in meetings of BRICS, ASEAN, SCO.

    We in Australia if we don't align with Asia we going to suffer big time in future just following America and Europe.

    Also keep a watch IT IS COMING MUCH SOONER than anyone expects in Australia.
    China pays Australia in Chinese Renimbi .if you want us to buy your resources then we pay in Chinese renimbi NOT USD .

    If you don't just get screwed plus we need to offer discounts as well

  6. A slight volcanic eruption produces 20K+ more carbon than the entire industrial revolution.Even if that statement is fractionally true,it proves that any man made emissions effects climate change, is a lie.

  7. All forms of life are carbon base and create carbon so those who carry on and want to call climate change should kill themselves lol. 1 enormous eruption from a volcano can cause more carbon pollution then all of mankind. The earth does its natural thing from going into ice ages and so on some day your remains will be deep in the the earth as it self consumes and and spits out new land no amount of money can stop nature. So those who carry 9n should remove themselves as they are the problem being carbon base creating carbon problems according to them. Oh no a cow farted it's the end of the world lmao.

  8. Look after the earth, it heals itself, I am 75, have heard, this all of my life, we are still
    here, not listening to any more talk about Climate.. that poor girl Greta, totally Mkultra
    paid to say what she has been told to, so sad.

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