Banning the Unvaxxed from Parliament

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The Victorian government will ban the un-vaccinated from parliament.


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Written by Heise Says


  1. They are stating that the vaceines do not work! If you are vaccinated then you are protected when you are exposed to Covid-1984. So if it is unsafe to sit next to a person with covid then it implies the vaccines does not work.

  2. Just watched Poland politicians talking about how Australian looks like North Korea. What a disgrace Australia is in the eyes of the world, they say Australia goes on about human rights and persecute there own people.

  3. Seen report today that the3 US Supreme Court has just ruled the so called vaccines as unsafe and unsound, case brought by John F Kennedy Jr, and group of medical experts. . Fauci @ co have lost.

  4. The argument that vaccines reduce viral load is a bit misleading. If you have high levels of antibodies then you will get a shorter infectious period and reduced viral load, but antibody levels start falling after the vaccine has been eliminated. After 5 months antibody levels will fall to a level that won't prevent transmission until the immune system starts creating new antibodies which may be a couple of days.

  5. Nothing but lies from our premier, concealed documents, no transparency, out to destroy the state. We are all being fooled big time and the consequences will be devastating. Corruption at it's ugliest. The man is a narcissistic fruitcake. Am I making my feelings clear enough?

  6. Not sure how or why my previous comment was removed, but I will try again. At a press conference CHO Sutton said all court staff and MPs are exempt from having to have the Vax because of legal reasons (I guess they know it is illegal).

  7. Let's face it, is there a difference between liberal and Labor at this point..
    People just don't vote for them, they have run their course.
    I have meet both David Lumbrick and Tim Quilty of the liberal democrats.
    They are politicians for sure, they are making these moves to expand their chances of forwarding their ideology.
    But let's think about it, if we all stood with them.. what power would Dan really have

  8. All politicians should be tested for STD’s because at the end of the day they all sleeping with one another,
    Even some forcefully
    Government is a very toxic place in Australia

  9. Well,i heard all Victorian commonwealth employees have been allowed exemption from the jab as of Friday night.Politicians,lawyers,judges ,court room staff and vicpol…maybe i'm hearing things..

  10. Complying is not showing the right example while not complying does! Such laws are so undemocratic it beggars belief, but so many people actually want no democracy for the sake of some vague, remote, promise of safety!

  11. Blocking politicians from entering parliament, forcing people to get a jab to keep their job, blocking people from rate funded facilities because they haven't had a job, encouraging businesses to discriminate based on the administration of a jab, threaten to fine businesses that do not comply are all things people who believe in freedom would do. The people who protest mandatory vaccines and vaccines passports they are fascists, Nazis, thugs and right wing extremists. And quite a few people actually believe that, that is the saddest part.

  12. LUBE up people – The freight train cant be stopped now , welcome to socialism followed by communissiom for the elite that don't own the planet. We don't have guns to fight, Digital currency has created this problem,
    So what do we do peeps ? The cops are using violence ,f
    massive fines and in imprisonment for a period of 22 days for speaking the truth.
    Welcome to the NWO
    So what do we do peeps ?

  13. The voting public is watching a power grab by the lunatic left and the compliant right, either side of the same mouth…
    Here you see these majors are joined hip to hip, they work against us, all the time…

  14. I just don't get why vaccinated people would be scared of the unvaxxed? They are setting a good example – resisting ridiculous things is a good thing for a free society

  15. FIGHT BACK PEOPLE. YOU NEED TO EMAIL YOUR STATE AND FEDERAL REPRESENTATIVE AND TELL THEM THEY WILL LOSE YOUR VOTE IF THEY MANDATE THE JAB!!! The only time they act is when they are threatened with losing their position of power. It's the only way. They have no right to force people to take a drug that has no long-term studies conducted on its effects. IT'S DANGEROUS AND IDIOTIC

  16. Nobody should be forced to get an experimental vaccine that has no research done on the long term effects. Fact that I have to even say this to other adults just shows how far we as a country have fallen. And no, I am not an Anti Vaxxer. Just this one.