Bar Owner Kills Rioter, Prosecutor REFUSES To Charge Him, Cites Self Defense

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Written by Timcast

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  1. It's about appeasing the mob. It's tragic this young man was killed…a killing is never something to be celebrated in my book, but with the police being told to stand down, being defunded and mayors and governors flat out refusing to do ANYTHING to quell the mobs, what are citizens supposed to do????? To pull a gun was a bad decision and I believe he truly feared for his life in that moment, but all the mob sees is a white killed a black. The circumstances leading up to the shooting doesn't matter to them. Sadly, this man's business will probably be looted, then burned to the ground.
    Time and time again, rioters are released on bail after their bail is paid, and they're right back on the street to continue their hatred and destruction. DA's refusing to bring charges. Law-abiding citizens who have built successful businesses, have been standing by for months, trying to keep their lives afloat while officials do NOTHING, watching their livelihoods being destroyed…it's not the answer, but what do the rioters expect? Each act builds on the last; violence for violence is never the answer, but they've been allowed to rule the cities far too long to end this peacefully, unfortunately. I believe we're going to see a lot more death before things settle down, if they ever do.
    God help us.

  2. This maybe heartless, but one less shitbird on the streets. Arm up people, this is coming to a town near you, hell maybe your town. They can defund the police, we will just arm up all the good people. Only problem is these criminals are deranged and cowardly, they fight 10 on 1.

  3. there are three kinds of Marines, dead Marines, retired Marines, and . . .

    you're Marine for life.

    I learned this watching Full-Metal Jacket.

  4. it sounds like you got exactly what he deserved these so-called rioters are so far out of control it is unbelievable and every one of them deserve what they get whether it's being shot or arrested or speed up or having their ass kicked it does not matter and he was right it is all about retribution and trying to destroy this country they want to make an army let them suffer the consequences

  5. Self defense. What's the problem? Leftists trying to put "social justice" ahead of the law. As usual. Gardner was no saint. But Scurlock was the aggressor and thus earned his fate. I guess Scurlock won't make that mistake again. And perhaps it will serve as warning to other rioters – but probably not. My prayers and sympathy for his family.

  6. The world is messed up, but particularly your country. The mere fact that the article mentions the race of the people involved is telling and meant to stoke race riots. The journalist should be fired for being racist.