Bar Wunder: Feature interview coming soon!

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Do you remember Bar Wunder’s resilience last year in choosing not to segregate their patrons?

I turned up in Toowoomba, Queensland to unfortunately see Bar Wunder closed. However, I have tracked down the owners, Mark and Fiona, and will be conducting an interview with them soon.

What happened? Why? What is happening next?

In what world does it make sense to destroy people’s lives in order to theoretically protect others?

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Written by True Arrow


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  1. The Pigs LOVE this, they get paid to destroy you and your business/the way you make a living. They do not give a shit! Council workers, Politicians, so called public servants all get their money but not you. Lost your home? going broke? remember the pigs get paid to do this to you.

  2. Just remember fellow Australians, all politicians and police regardless of State are criminal dogs. They ALL are not to be trusted or voted for. There is NO ONE in Australian politics today you can trust and cooperate with police at your own risk. The sad thing is if we ALL stood up and stood together and said NO this would all have been over in a matter of days. But we didn’t and here we are 2 and a half years later divided, crushed and now getting sick.

  3. ABS figures recently indicated that 220 people died from covid in the last two years, all of the rest had underlying health issues or were elderly. You have to ask how many lives have been ruined and people taken the own lives as a a result of lockdowns?


    We will soon have a federal election, I believe the latest it can be held is May 14th? Still waiting for it to be called. This is possibly the MOST crucial election in our nations history, if the wrong party wins, this tyrannical behaviour will continue…

    With the far left 100% this will continue, that is Labour and Greens. ScoMo has done little to stop it and Nationals seem ok with this continuing as well. Its imperative you do not vote for these 4, preference votes are still in play going against some perception they are not, do your research, ensure who you are considering to vote for have not made a preference vote deal with these 4. Do not even give them a 4th or 5th pick, nothing!

    Please help us bring this tyranny to an end! Help us drain the swamp! Its time to clean up politics in this once great land!

  5. What else should we expect from a government that has surrendered the country’s sovereignty to Davos-controlled toxic globalists?

    We were asleep drinking our beers and having our barbies while our corrupt politicians sold their souls to Klaus Schwab et al.

    We’ve become a medical tyranny and we don’t even seem to notice or even care.

    They stole the last American election, they’ll steal the next Aussie election.

  6. I definitely do not strongly encourage everyone to use violence, unless they think they can get away with it. Now let's Hammurabi this MFer untill we're all blind and toothless.

  7. The same thing happened to the owner of the cafe in Capalaba shopping centre Brisbane. He was actually physically dragged from his shop in front of patrons by filthy scum Brisbane cops . The result is about 10 young people unemployed and his shop closed. Never forget these cop scum.

  8. Intelligent people knew the corrupt cops were enforcing tyrannical orders to keep their jobs and collect their paycheques. These people arrested pregnant women in their own homes for thought crimes; threw unarmed 70 year old women onto the asphalt and pepper sprayed them in the face, and then fired rubber bullets at an unarmed civilian crowd – all to protect their MASTERS. Everyone has to keep vigilant; and remember, that any cop is NOT part of our community, and they never have been. Their only responsibility and duty is to protect their MASTERS and their paycheques; and they don't give a shit about the the civilian population. They don't give a squirrels nut about who is right and who is wrong – they just want to find a guilty party that substantiates their jobs.

  9. Obviously some bitter douchbag dobed them in. Because I know many businesses that do not comply with the nonsense. So many bitter people out their do not believe in freedom of choice, and enjoy their own slavery, being told what to do.

  10. I remember trying to walk into this bar about 8 yrs ago wearing a footy jersey and they refused me entry.
    There was an NRL trial game being played in Toowoomba that day and they wouldn't let anyone in who was wearing anything sports related.

  11. I wish those pigs would wake up to themselves and fk off. Imagine having these degenerate footsoldiers for parents… if they are successful in destroying freedoms and democracy I hope they will show the same resilience and take "credit" for the world they have left to their offspring.

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