Barbara Baarsma advocates a “Personal Carbon Wallet”

Barbara Baarsma – CEO Rabo Carbon Bank – advocates a “Personal Carbon Wallet”

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  1. This will just accelerate the class divide and inequality into hyperdrive. Won't the "poor person" also need their carbon credits to have electricity to their homes and for everything else that they do that emits carbon and hence negatively affect their total carbon allowance? This is just rationing and then "selling" (for cashless fiat digital financial credits) the bound-to-be-small-allowance forced upon us, of imaginary carbon credits that some unelected twat has decided to limit us to.
    They make it sound as if "poor people" will have an abundance of carbon credits to sell to rich twats. Obviously if it's to be sold for fiat cashless digital money it implies that we will need both a digital cashless credit wallet, plus a digital carbon credit wallet. I am just guessing here, but if the "poor person" runs out of carbon credits, or sells too much or all of theirs to the rich, they will be restricted or fined, service cut off, or some horrible thing happen to them as a punishment. Just having worthless fiat digital credits alone won't be much good if your worthless digital carbon credits are in the negative or completely run out.
    Ludicrous idea that must be resisted at all costs. This will also set a precedent and be completely probable that other such emissions from people will be added to the carbon emissions in the future. Soon we'll be carrying Nitrogen, methane and oxygen wallets too. Might as well just roll it all over into an average score covering everything and add a person social behaviour as well. We'll call it a Social Credit System and it can micro control your whole life.

  2. It's getting fairly easy to spot the WEF puppets now, at what point does it get embarrassing for them? Probably when MSM has the balls to call them out.

  3. Close the Davos airstrip and prohibit billionaires flying around in private jets all day.

    They create more pollution in a month than an average citizen would in their entire lifetime.

    We are not the problem. They are.

  4. So? Once Fool-Sheeple accept these Carbon Fly-Buys we have a yearly RESET where the screws are further tightened.
    As Henry Kissinger said; Power (Control) is the ultimate aphrodisiac.I think Hitler had a lot of his ''seeds'' frozen before he faked his death and split to Argentina. I think he's been Sowing his Oats there too!

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