Barr Told Feds To Charge Antifa With SEDITION, Will This Stop The Protests??

US AG Bill Barr has reportedly mulled the idea of charging Antifa demonstrators with sedition. Tim and Ian consider whether this is a good idea or not – is it just what is needed, or a step too far?

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  1. Dan Bongino saw some of the protesters from the night of the RNC riot the next day in the Lobby of the hotel he was staying in, ie they were staying there, and were from out of town. People are reporting protesters in groups on planes being flown into places!!@ how is it not organized???

  2. We said this when all this started Lincoln suspended Habeus Corpus and fought a civil war by EO and Roosevelt put all Japanese Americans in internment camps by EO , Both without congressional approval , War powers of a Sitting US president is almost unchecked , we have been at war signed by congress since Sept of 2001 . . .

  3. Gotta stop those PROTESTS! We can't have people exercising their first amendment right to complain about injustice! I say shoot all the protesters and make sure that the people know their place, which is squarely under the government's boot!

  4. Both the UN and the Vatican have said that Pres Trump is “in the way of globalism”….. for the globalists this is a reason to hate Pres Trump. The Vatican does not like freedom of choice, or capitalism. Read the Jesuit Oath. The catholic system has not changed. When she gets her power back you better get in line. Read the book The Great Controversy written 100+ years ago.

  5. I've been saying this for weeks, that this is nothing less than sedition and should be handled as such. I was called every name in the book for it. CHARGE THEM!

  6. Where is the ATF?

    Molotov Cocktails are categorized as destructive devices under the NFA so unless all of these people purchased their $200 stamp for their Molotovs why is the ATF not having a field day with these people.

    The ATF will shoot your dog for putting the wrong stock/brace on your firearm but these people can burn down cities and crickets

  7. I don't know who this new guy is, and I hope nothing bad happened to Adam. But this guy is way better. He's cooler, makes more sense, far less manic and hyperbolic. More interesting questions, challenges Tim a little. I like him more. He has a cool common sense approach to this that I like.

  8. This is hilarious. Barr? the same Barr that hasn't arrested a single person of power in the attempted coup? that Barr? The son of the Dean of the elite academy that hired Jeffrey Epstein as a teacher with no experience? The same Barr, who by complete luck or chance I'm sure, was in charge of the Department of Justice and It's many prisons.. Including the one Epstein was suicided in and afterwards, called it a whirlwind of mistakes or something along those lines, that led to Epstien's death? That Barr? So, the only people he really really wants to arrest and make pay for everything going on are the stupid citizens, that in most cases were hired by the people in government he won't even indict on a charge… this whole thing, and that includes Bush's little cleaner he sent in to cover everyones asses on both sides of the aisle just in the nick of time too, is crap. total BS.

  9. It's not our job to distinguish between the good in a badd within a group one chooses to be a part of. And if you are going to blindly follow criminals to a crime scene you can blindly follow them to the jail cell. I don't think they should be punished as hard but being stupid is not an excuse.

  10. That emergency power is cruical to protect the states citizens in times of emergency..
    That Gov shold have "her" emergency powers removed, *ONLY.. Only in regards to her, not the next Governor..

  11. My parents took me out of Cuba in 1966 when Costro took power because of damn communism. I’ll be damned if I have it in the United States! Those socialist nut jobs to me all suffer from mental illness

  12. The media needs laws so they can’t b cheerleaders for ignorance. GET EM BILL, YOU GOTTA LOVE THE WAY TRUMP AND BARR IS SO LOYAL TO LAW ABIDING CITIZENS!!!!!!!!! 99.9% of the violence is by LEFTIST….

  13. Tim, new fan here…… I appreciate the type of people in the variety of topics and directions you go on your show. You do it differently, and I admire the hell out of you.

    The guest from this clip….. good grief man. Does he actually believe antifa is anti-fascist?

  14. How about a Democrat conspiracy of treason?? Seems like that is political..but we are witnessing a Shadow Gate conspiracy against the American people:
    Social Media
    Democrat States allowing riots
    Democrat districts not charging criminals
    Covid 19
    Hillary Clinton
    George Soros

  15. How can u have empathy for anyone of the rioters. LOCK EM ALL UP. SHOW THEM WHAT BURNING HALF AMERICA DOWN GETS YOU, IF THERE SO COMMIE GO TO CHINA U YOUNG PRICKS. TRUMP IN 2020. Pence 2024 2028