Based Aussie REKTs Virgin Power-Tripping Police After They Try to Intimidate Him

Posting a simple photo on Facebook gets you a visit from the Australian Police. This based Aussie showed them who’s boss after the Police tried to intimidate him into incriminating himself.

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  1. It used to be that when you wanted a villain in a movie you'd have him speak in a German accent. Going forward all authoritarian villains will be doing it with an Australian accent.

  2. Showing up to try to get u to admit to something tell them no thank you and to fuhk off and get a life and close the door and yer done if they get violent or try to break in act accordingly they are not your friend if they r following orders to commit crimes against humanity

  3. Reminder; 77 years ago America joined and helped finish a 2nd world war against the same things they are doing today. You awake yet?

  4. "Well… look, I know the government is evil, and we're supposed to protect and serve you, and to uphold human rights and everything, but… were you there?"

  5. I would have said if you do not have a warrant than I will arrest you for breaking my peace and intimidating me in my house. And I have the means to do just that. Beated before more than 40 cops on my own, send 10 of them to the hospital and one of them on a wheelchair for life. The pigs could not stop me. Criminals in power!

  6. Victoria police will take whatever steps…
    Lay it al the feet of those you’d abandon in a heartbeat if someone cried to defund the police. Gutless politicians.