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Who knew that 80s pop icon #BoyGeorge would come out as a crusader against the twitter pronoun brigade? He is apparently #transphobic because #SJWs have absolutely no sense of self awareness or any capacity for nuance.

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  1. Because back then being gay in the spotlight took balls and those that did it stood tall and did their best and produced some of the best art the world has seen. They earned respect by proving their worth, nobody cared they were gay. That style was pretty hip also, not only were they loving the dick all day long but they influenced the fashion and attitude of the fans. We were able to make jokes about being gay and they were in on it, everybody was having a great time. Then the millenials happened.
    The problem is these days is somebody told these kids they get respect and accolades purely for existing.

    And fuck off you were too young to remember. You know we can see you right?

  2. LGBT is very specific and agressive in it's political course. i can see many homosexual or trans people disagreeing with the movement, but you're not allowed to say that…

  3. Boy George is a fun dude. Fake names and gender play, that shit used to be fun. Until it became deadly serious and people will rip your head off for making a wrong move. Why do these people hate fun? Genuine fucking question.

  4. I actually met Boy George about 20 years ago.
    I took my Girlfriend at the time to see him (She was a massive fan)
    Not exactly my kind of music, and lets face facts, he's a little strange looking – but along i went, and it was a good show! Afterwards, my Girlfriend (of course) had to hang around and attempt to get her idol's autograph.
    A small crowd of ladies slowly dispersed as they got their stuff signed, and i suddenly realized George was looking at me.
    As George was leaving, he passed me and took the time to ask me "Hi! Did you enjoy the show?" i said "yes!" and he seemed genuinely appreciative.
    I remember thinking, that he seemed like a very genuine, nice guy. Not only did he meet his fans, but he engaged with them and honestly seemed to enjoy the interaction.
    Good guy!!

  5. If someone that looks like Boy bloody George says that a certain behavior is about seeking attention he probably knows what the fuck he's talking about

  6. Boy George earned my respect years ago. He was sentenced to community service to pick up roadside trash in NYC. He never bitched about having to do it. In fact he disclosed his father was a garbage man and provided well for his family. Made me proud of my NYC sanitation man husband…..

  7. Boy George just became cool in my book for calling bullshit on this whole fucking thing the 'lgbtqialmnop people' calls 'social justice'. Jesus fuck anyone that supports this lunacy.

  8. WE ALL LOVED BOY GEORGE!!! HE WAS A GREAT ENTERTAINER…..great singer and NEVER told anyone how and who to be or who to be!!

  9. WELL since the 80's children began being raised that THEY where the most important thing going! ASK their parents. THE- you are special generation!! The everyone gets a trophy! Its funny – there was a time when special child meant something entirely different!! And I have a 20 year old son who lives in NYC and he always tries to talk me through these "pronoun" scenarios.
    It make absolutely NO SENSE.. It is totally unnecessary. These kids are LOST bc the "specialness" they suffered, they are just lost!!

  10. MY MOM IS 81. White catholic woman. she had become OBSESSED with two musicians in her life time. ONE more recently!!!
    BOY GEORGE and FREDDIE MERCURY!!! NOT giving a thought to gender, or sex, or pronouns!!!! BOTH men touched millions for generations!! THAT should be the story they are remembered for!!
    I am glad though BOY GEORGE had enough of modern day bullshit

  11. Christ! Nobody gives two shits about who people want to fuck. I am so sick of these 'victims' bleating and babbling about how "oppressed" they are. Poor little children. SMH

  12. Never much cared for his artistry and coul not have cared less about his antics and sexuality but I was happy he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted. But man, is he right about this! Kudos to Boy George for being sensible and not giving any fucks what anyone thinks of him or his opinion.

  13. Dave Chappelle, Boy George,
    Candace Owens and so on…. The radical left seems to hate a lot of people from minorities when they speak for themselves instead of acting like helpless victims and sing the praises of the glorious SJW movement.

  14. Boy George might just be worried/annoyed about these lunatics giving people like him a bad name. If he wants to wear women's clothes, I don't care. I think it's a little strange, but if he's happy, fine. But when it comes to rewriting the language and letting men play women's sports, I think it's gone too far.
    He probably just doesn't want to be associated with the fucking crazy people.

  15. Yup,
    I do remember Boy George back in my late teens..Even used to dress like him lol, because it was popular to do so.. Everybody loved him and his music, and that he was openly gay and cross dressing wasn't an issue even though people back then weren't as open… He was literally KING of popular music at that time.
    Reality is, behind the nonsensical, modern day "alphabet people" movement is really just a bunch of entitled empty heads, trying to guilt trip and control other people's into elevating them