Bashing Sweden

Sweden demonstrated that lockdowns, masks and vaccinations are unnecessary, so there has been a concerted propaganda effort by totalitarians to bash and ignore Sweden’s success. If the public understood the situation in Sweden, they would not put up with the tyranny from their own governments.

Written by Tony Heller


  1. It's not just Sweden that has practically defeated the virus. Most of Europe have also done that.
    But the media doesn't look at the most relevant figures. They only report "cases", which doesn't paint the correct picture.
    The most relevant figures are those that track only severe cases. Such as deaths, patients in intensive care, or number hospitalised.
    The number of cases lags those figures. And depends to much on how testing is done to be comparable and relevant.
    But it is probably also that for most cases, it's now a too insignificant disease to bother them much.

    Some countries hasn't yet defeated the virus. I noticed that the USA, Brazil, and India, are among these.

  2. The high Deathtoll in Sweden compared with the other Nordic countries was caused by the Government activly Killing the Eldery on purpose by denying them Oxygen and giving Them Morphine instead …They slowly sufficated to Death…For more information go to Dr Jon Tallingers channel..

  3. There are alooooot of swedes bashing the government for being so passive, for the lack of lockdown, for the lack of making masks mandatory, basically for how corona was handled in Sweden overall. And the thing being brought up over and over, what's being used as argument is comparing Sweden to Denmark, Norway and Finland and how many people in Sweden died in vain.

  4. And Sweden counted death by covid 19 as long you were positive to the virus but did not have any symptoms from it. Eg if your heart failed you at 95 years of age with no corona symptons but you tested positive,
    it will count as a covid victim.
    So the real death rate in Sweden is much lower,.

  5. I want to point out Sweden do have a "soft lockdown" nursing home is under lockdown. Nobady then the staff or the residents can enter, but in typical Swedish fashion noting stop the residents to leve the nursing home and take a stroll outside if they want to.

    I disagre with you that its about controll, its about not lousing face (and the future election) If Sweden's choice was the right one, ther choice was the wrong one.

  6. Sorry you are an victim of Swedish propaganda. And no government is as totalitarian as ours. You should know that from your studies of "climate science". You have to compare our country to neigbour countries with the same population density. No one is "afraid" there and they have much less deths. I also visited Italy and Germany recently. Did not se any "fear".

  7. I mean there's good stuff here I'm not bashing it. But what you're not telling, is that compared to its nordic neighbours, sweden did the worst. By far most cases and deaths.

  8. You're making a crucial mistake by pretending that what Sweden did is what stopped the virus from spreading. As if what they did (which was hardly anything) was somehow better than what other countries are doing. It makes no sense whatsoever to suggest that doing less to combat the virus would lead to less deaths. I don't even know how you make this conclusion.

    Suppose you got country A and country B with equal severity of COVID-19. Country A looks at the science, sees that lockdowns, masks etc. work at combating it. They implement it with impunity, total dictator-like conditions. Country B does nothing, and yet Country B fairs far better than Country A.

    Your conclusion should then be that the virus isn't something policy makers can control to a very great degree, just like they can't control the weather. It shouldn't be that "doing nothing is the best option, look at the results we would gain from doing nothing". That simply doesn't follow. It would be like looking at the great weather they have in Florida and saying "we should copy all their policies in Alaska and we'll get the same weather conditions". It's such a fucking stupid argument i can't believe you would say it publically.

  9. Pretty much the right conclusion, but the policy here in Sweden is the result of a totally incompetent government, and not a thought thru plan. We are lucky it has not been worse this time. Anything else from the regime is terrible, including the few things they do in the Covid matter

  10. sweden just let our elders die to save money so they can give it to nonswedes.
    also we don't test people unless they have serious symptoms, we don't know how many people are infected.

    and a lockdown was never an option in the first place because there would be no way to enforce it.

  11. Plus Sweden didn't lie about cases like the US, calling every death covid based upon false positive tests and coercion. Not counting flu, cancer, pneumonia and other normal causes of death was the scam.

  12. 400,000 deaths/ year from malpractice weren't counted as such they numbers game called them covid. Less this time because people stayed away from the quacks.

  13. It just goes to show that we shouldn't take things for granite. And that everything comes with a statue of limitations as foretold by that wise old Jew from our ancient history, now long since forgotten. Seinfeld!

  14. All you clowns forget that Sweden has a population per km2 of 23 and only two highly dense populated areas aka Stockholm and Malmö… this is not compareable to most other western nations aka UK, Germany, France or the USA and still the death per capita ration is higher then the German one… go figure!

  15. I am a biochemist and this is not good science. There are still new infections in Sweden and we know 30% of infected people are ending up with long term health issues. By simply looking at deaths you are oversimplifying. I five in Sweden myself and know how difficult is to get proper medical attention here. I keep my mask on.

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  17. So how come some countries which had lockdowns performed better than sweden? How come China managed to have less deaths than Sweden using lockdowns and drastic measures? How come Cyprus managed to control the virus very well testing a quarter of its population? Swedes said it them selves that if they imposed lockdowns they would have saved more lives.

  18. You mention New Zealand as a country that ‘lives in fear’, which I can patently say is Horseshit (I’m from there). Incidentally, Sweden has over 10x the deaths per million compared to New Zealand. I’d say it’s less about a totalitarianism and conspiracies and more about reducing the amount of needless deaths dues to overtaxing the medical system….but don’t trust me, I’m ‘living in fear’!

  19. No offence but the methodology on display here is appallingly bad. You don’t take into account any of the other variables at all. Statistics never lie but all liars use statistics.

  20. Hi everybody!

    I'm from Sweden living in Gothenburg. What I can tell you is that if the Corona Virus was a contest was a competition, We as of now Won. But it is not as easy explained as that. We failed so fucking hard at protecting our elderly that it is fucking embarrassing. The health authority didn't take the warning they got in January for real, so our elderly payed the price. However I'd like it too be that simple. But it is not. What we did as a country is that we followed the agreed guidelines that WHO set out for all of the world if a Corona pandamic would hit, and while the world went MAD!!!! We just sat still in the boat and followed common sense…

    Although, Sweden's way may NOT!!! apply to other country's, though we are a special country in a different kind of place in the World.

  21. COVID is a flu variant. It will keep coming back, every year, probably for the rest of our lives. HCQ, when used early, allows your own body to develop antibodies by reducing the viral load, because HCQ facilitates an increase in the pH inside your cells, stunting viral replication. But if you wait too long before taking it, you might get pneumonia, which has ~25% mortality and can scar your lungs for the rest of your life, reducing your breathing capacity. If you want to learn more, see my book Validating Ideas ,

  22. Its ironic. THE reason why Sweden could choose this way is DUE to the fact that our population actually are well educated and science driven. We believe our government is competent and has our best interest in mind. Recommendations work for is as we have a declining but Still rather high national feeling of solidarity. Add on the health and sick leave systems and culture. It could work here, but i am certain this would at that point not have worked as well anywhere but in THE Nordics, even our chief epdeimeologist Tegnell has Said as much. IF you believe His strategy you need to believe his opinion in this as well. You are ironically proof of this with your conspiracy thinking

  23. This is a bit disingenuous, if you are going to compare to other countries, compare to Denmark , Finland and Norway.
    They have had approximately 1200 deaths total.
    Sweden 5800 deaths… very few new cases. I guess its only 4000 extra deaths eh?

  24. Tony, I am in agreement with your work but it was rather a sneaky graph you put in to discount your friend’s assertion about Sweden’s death toll. You pitted Sweden, a country, against 11 states and territories of the U.S., instead of just combining them to represent the U.S. as one country’s total.