“Batmobile Raid” Exposes Ungodly Police Abuse Of Power & Corruption

Holy abuse of police power, Batman! That’s what Robin would likely say in response to a story out of San Mateo County, California featuring a sheriff who sent a team of deputies all the way to Indiana to harass a small business owner as a personal favor to a wealthy friend over a financial dispute. The kicker? The dispute was over payment for and delivery of an authentic, fully functioning replica 1960s era TV show Batmobile made by the only manufacturer officially licensed to produce the vehicles by DC Comics.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss this batsh*t crazy case of police overreach, corruption and political intimidation.

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  1. The sheriff has a lot more power than we are aware of. Why do you think the parasites in Hollywood would make so many films about the sheriff? We know who owns the sheriff when you see their badge emblem. The shape is a "hide in plain sight" thing.

  2. 87,000 new armed IRS agents and Sheriff’s can’t freeze Bitcoin or even see it when it’s locked in a cold storage device. The corruption at the top is seeping down the chain. Be sure you have some money put away in Bitcoin cold storage. You can cross borders with it with just a password in your head.

  3. $210,00 Is WAY more than it cost George Barris to build the ORIGINAL Batcar. But the ones that guy is building are superior since they’re not a Ford with half a ton of Bondo slapped on and sculpted, which cracks beneath the paint. If you’ve ever seen the original at a car show, you know what I mean. These are 100% fiberglass bodies, but very impressively detailed. I’d slap a Hellcat drivetrain in one and blow minds in my small town. Of course I’d have to create a disguised ‘Bat Cave’ entrance for my obvious metal building where I keep my classic cars.

  4. The docket still shows a court appearance for Mark Racop so I don't understand these reports that anything is on hold or cancelled.
     He has a warrant arraignment on the docket for 8/19/22 in CA. Mark stated he will be allowed to appear by Zoom call.

  5. You guys don't know the story. He waited 4 years for his car. Mark Racop sold his car to a celebrity. This story is biased and you aren't getting both sides.

  6. The Sherrif should be applauded. Mark Racop sold the same car twice and refuses to give a refund. Everything was done legally by the Sherrif. You got it all wrong. It's criminal activity. He's charged with two felonies. The local Logansport judge signed the warrant. This media is way off.

  7. You guys don't know shit. The judge in Logansport Indiana authorised the search and the freeze on the account. Do some fucking research before you make a video.

  8. The client is right Mark Racop is in trouble. Client paid $170k up front over 4 years ago but then Racop sold the guys car out from under him. It's a crime to misapropriate building funds it's also fraud. Do some fucking research first. Reports like this is going to get Racop fried.

  9. Someone please correct me if I am wrong. What authority does a sheriff have from a county in a entirely different state, MIND YOU. I mean, what authority do they have trying almost arrest and interrogate someone in another state and county? Did I misunderstand the story? I mean a cop from say New Orleans, can't just go to Los Angeles and start laying down the law. Couldn't he have just told them to get the hell out of here?

  10. It hasn't been a couple months ya big dork! The guy gave Racop 170 thousand dollars over 4 years ago! You got everything wrong! Is this what you call accurate reporting?

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