BATTLE UPDATE: 3 NATO Leaders ENTER KYIV In RISKY Move | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar bring the latest on the tactical front from Ukraine as Russia’s invasion continues and the Kremlin awaits the arrival of NATO leaders into Kyiv

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Matt Taibbi:

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  1. Well, at this point the UN and Nato have deemed Putin as a war criminal…. so I don't think any peace deal he wants to push fwd is going to make sense nor will it stop sanction, unless he turns himself in.

  2. Im glad Saagar mentioned Archduke Franz Ferdinand in this video because those were the same vibes I got when I initially heard the NATO PM’s were heading into Kyiv. 😅

  3. I’m 100% in support for the 3 NATO leaders going to visit. It shows that there is a strong push inside nato to do more for Ukraine than we are doing right now. We need to shut this “special operation”/ war down now!

  4. These people are genuinely clueless! If Russia’s aim is to degrade the Ukrainian arms manufacturing in preparation for a settlement that would be one of the dumbest moves since invading Ukraine in the first place. If peace does come the west will re-arm what’s left of Ukraine to levels never seen before ensuring NATO and the EU have a strong buffer between themselves and Russia. Ukraine will end up with one of the worlds best equipped and experienced military forces. Russia didn’t want Ukraine to join NATO but it now faces an even worse prospect of a NATO level military force parked on its border without any of the normal checks and balances.

  5. Their goals were articulated quite well in putin's speech. I mean, seriously. Read it, watch it. What are the USA goals? That is up to nuland, kagan, and the biden family i guess. the usa is the problem in the ukraine, full stop. How about if russia did what the usa is doing in montreal or mexico? or, remember cuba? Holy cow, you guys are really out to lunch on this. Your own specialists predicted exactly this for years. Watch this, have them on:

  6. 10:26 So because of this confliction(/invasion), NATO just lost Ukraine's application for membership but in turn potentially gained 2 more thru Finland and Sweden. I suppose Putin thinks that's a fair trade.

  7. If Russia doesn't end this soon then they're leaving the Ukrainians with no choice and nothing left to lose. People with nothing left to lose are very dangerous.

  8. Those three countries are calling Putin’s bluff. He’s been threatening nuclear war, world war, and these leaders know the KGB. Also, you forget that Zelensky said there was not going to be any territorial losses. Putin basically screwed up. No matter what, Ukraine is going to be armed by the West and rebuilt by them. O, and if I was Ukraine, I would want a guarantee from the West now in regards to defense. Maybe not NATO, but something along the line of Taiwan. Overall, Putin lost and Russia will suffer geopolitically for years.

  9. Saagar, did you just suggest that Ukraine should give up territory for the sake of your selfish convenience? So you don't have to cover this nasty business of modern day russian tzar Putin? It's making you uncomfortable, huh? And you said that with that straight face. Man, you're starting to push some 'false equivalence' burden of responsibility between Russia ( the clear blatant invading state) and Ukraine ( absolutely the victim). And why, just why are you choosing to do that, Saagar? For peace, is it? For some 'chamberlainian' peace accord rotten to the core. Ukrainians should cave to Putin? They shouldn't defend themselves and then war would surely end soon. Is that what you're saying? Just stop and think 4 a moment. Should Russia be rewarded for this invasion, Saagar? No? I thought so…

  10. Makes me think Russia/Putin knew beforehand how poor their military capacity was if they were afraid of Ukraine's military and possible invasion of Russia. I don't think that discussion has ever been on the table.

  11. I’ve been saying for a couple weeks, if I weee the US I would fly Biden to Kyiv. Better yet, have a conference with multiple leaders of the West there. There’s no f-ing way the Russians attack a city of the President of the United States is there, or multiple European leaders.

  12. ? They go there as EU representatives. The US went to Iraq, Libya, Syria…your soldiers have been killed and that didn't enact Chapter 5 so it seems things can be done.
    I don't think politicians from 3 independent countries will pay attention to Krystal's disapporoving face when there is a war ranging at their doorsteps. Although I think it's a bold move and it will be so much in P's face, I'm worried but it's on P not on anyone else. This is not the first time this has happened, some political leaders went to Georgia during the R invasion and also when the protests of 2014 happened. They want to do more and try to find ways of doing so, similar situation to MIGs but here it seems they got out of US decision making by going as EU representatives. I think slowly Europe is realizing that the US has no idea about European history and just blocks our abilities to develop. In the end we should get out of their sphere of influence as well.

    BTW regarding the R propaganda, welcome to our world of at least 200 years.

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