Battleground Melbourne Live at CPAC Australia

It’s the session from CPAC Australia that everyone is talking about.

Battleground Melbourne LIVE is a live-on-stage retelling of four stories from the ‘Battleground Melbourne’ era.

Joining Topher Field live on stage for this first-ever live event was Carly Soderstrom, Krystle Mitchell, and Matt Lawson.

These four survivors of the Battleground Melbourne era represent just four out of the thousands of stories that need to be told, but thanks to CPAC Australia we were at least able to tell THESE stories, with more to come in future we hope.

Huge thanks to CPAC, CPAC Australia, ADH TV, and the amazing team that worked behind the scenes to make Battleground Melbourne Live possible.

Written by TopherField


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  1. And the saddest thing about this is that, like you've said before Topher, Dan Andrews is more than likely to win his upcoming election.
    Will we see these crimes on humanity happen all over again…. I think so, watch this space. 😔🇦🇺❤️

  2. When Andrews addressed the public, the women did an ooops, stating they were out to HURT ….then she changed it. But was too late….they freaking were oit to hurt.
    Im sorry for what they put you through, its terrible.
    Im German born, i had private history lesson by my grandma. She went through WW1 and WW2 and my parents and in law's through WW2..i listen and learned that " following orders " will not be enough. Theres individual WILL to do what's right.
    Im 65 and have children and grandchildren and i never been in a protest until 2021….when i went to 2 and i was feeling funtastic because it wasn't a thumbs up in the comfort of my home. Plus no matter what happens, i can tell my children and grandchildren, i tried, i really trued. With wobbly knees and pounding heart ….but i stood up.
    My grandma did it for the Jews, she got sentenced to death through squad. Her husband ( my granddad) was drafted. She was alone with a 11 years old son. She got warned by a good friend , escaped to Poland on her brothers farm and dropped my dad off at an orphanage on the border. They all meet again after the war.
    But she wasn't going to watch and do nothing. She would have jumped in front of a gun for anyone.
    So no excuse, we can research as we have the tools..

  3. Incredible, brave, amazing, resilient, compassionate, heartfelt these are the words that come to my mind as I watch this. What incredibly good people there are in the world. Thank you.

  4. Heartfelt words powerfully spoken by all of you. These personal stories and the Battleground Melbourne documentary are so important to share and keep sharing. Thank you all so much for your courage, persistence and care for your fellow human beings through those shocking events and throughout the abhorrent onslaught of division and fear. Speaking up for human rights when it costs you so dearly is a mark of true heroism.

  5. Very well done, thank you. The rest of Australia needs to understand what is Victorians went through. This should not be forgotten. The performance by the liberal delegates to the conference after this presentation was absolutely tone deaf, their chuckles at peoples pain even more insulting coming after your heartfelt presentation. Shame on them for making light of real peoples suffering.

  6. every time i watch this , it's a bloody disgrace that every politician ,CHO etc police that bashed Australians aren't jailed for life for their involvement in this lie

  7. Am left speechless. Everyone in Poland speaks about Australia and its harsh response to Covid . Ghetto could not do it in Poland. Too many memories of the same still alive i

  8. Absolutely brilliantly executed. Well done to you all. Topher, I will never forget the time you reached out to me via messenger and said to me "if you need to be heard, just message me anytime. I will never forget that. You were there for me. I went through my own anxiety during these days. I wasn't even in Victoria, but the suffering you were all going through, and what I saw in my own little town in South Australia, tore at my heart. I cannot thank you enough. All of you. for all you did through these challenging days. Thank you. Jason Stephenson.

  9. Conforming to a corrupt government owned by a global criminal conglomerate will be the worst decision of your life that will end in total enslavement and individual poverty for all. Take the stand and don’t conform to their designed takedown of our freedoms that will destroy Individual wealth that makes us free. It’s a complicated situation bcse the corrupt have been ruling us for so long including all the world wars. The only way out is difficult ? But if everyone got on board and and homeschooled and farmed and made huge discontent towards the conglomerate criminals? They can’t win!

  10. Absolutely brilliant. Touching. Moving. Sobering.
    Thank you for sharing your stories, all of you. It was a pleasure to meet each of you. Your courage is inspiring.
    Again. Thank you

  11. I've just spoken with Matt Lawsonin regards to my post. I am no troll. I truly am his Admin.
    I would appreciate an acknowledgement for my video you shared without mine or Matt Lawsons approval to share our snippet of CPAC and I expect an apology Topher to myself!


  13. Thanks for the video Topher, it is so important this gets shared. So many have their heads buried in the sand. When speaking with a uni lecturer friend of mine about the current situation facing the world, he said oh yes you don't like the police, the government, the authorities.I said I didn't have a problem with them until they started hating us. He lectures economics, and had no idea about Joe Biden's executive order to get rid of cash in the USA, or the impending pandemic laws in WA, QLD and the one in VIC. The same laws are currently spreading through every state in USA, with 3 states already passed I hear. When I asked him to come to Melbourne on the mission to Melbourne he said he had a few things to do such as gardening and going for a daily swim. He has a 7 year old child. But he told me its good that I'm using my democratic right to protest. I asked him what kind of world does he want to leave his child, he said there are many issues, namely debt and environmental problems. He's worried about microplastics, but apparently not nanoparticles. I can't get myself to Melbourne this week unfortunately, my heart is there, I feel its my spiritual home, so many good and cool people there.

  14. Amazing Team! Thank you for being you. I have followed you over the last couple years. You gave me hope when I felt alone. You gave me courage to say no to the mandates and strength to trust my own inner guidance. So much love xo

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