Battletech Caves to Cancel Culture – Razör Rants

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


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  1. It was a mouthful… but well said as always… spread the disease that is TRUTH.. blessings from a higher power and stay you and stay up. Toledo ohio .. like a ZZ TOP SONG your bad.. your Nationwide

  2. Tim Pool, Jordan Peterson, and Ben Shapiro have made the argument we need divergent culture, alternative currency, and to separate ourselves from the left by creating new media that gives fuck all about leftist protests.

  3. I really should have seen the signs. I knew about 'Faith' McCloskey long before they were ever published. When they put Faith's name on the front of that issue of Shrapnel, I should have known. And now, Blaine's latest blog post confirms a lot of my suspicions.

    That being said, CGL doesn't own BattleTech. TOPPS does. Which means they can lose the license and someone ELSE can get it.

  4. Played Mechwarrior on PC back in the day, so its sad to hear about cancel culture affecting Mech games. This cancelling is ridiculous. I've been hoping Xbox revives Mech Assault, which I enjoyed on the original Xbox. Hopefully Microsoft too drops the virtue signalling malarkey.

  5. I suppose this means that Warhammer fantasy and 40k are next on the sjw woke target list. I suppose I'll start the rough draft of my space opera sci fi novel series. Why do I have to write shit that I want to read rather than read what I want to read? These people are scum and are never satisfied.

  6. Speaking as someone who recently lost all of the miniatures I used to have, I was looking at Battletech very seriously. I was beginning to really dive into the lore and the worldbuilding to familiarize myself with the particular faction, and particular mechs, that I was really interested in. I won't lie, I would probably never have played the tabletop game, mostly because I don't care for math all that much, and there really isn't much of a tabletop playerbase where I live. However, I WOULD have collected, painted, and potentially terrain-sculpted for Battletech much as I used to for Warhammer 40K.
    That is completely off of the table now.
    I won't be spending a single penny on Battletech products until I hear very loudly and proudly that this author has been rehired, and that no further attempts to get ANYONE fired for their political beliefs will be acknowledged. These are hate campaigns, and I will not support ANY company that indulges them.

  7. You can also contact fanatic over live chat in their customer support on their web page. I would recommend everyone be civil to them though, it's not the support staff's fault that this happened.

  8. Just like with Razorfist and Eric July (among others), it’s time to take back the gaming space by becoming the alternative. If you have an idea for a homebrew game or original setting, put the work into it. You never know, you could be creating something that will eventually launch a hundred battle reports, lore videos, and nights with friends.

  9. Time to contact Fanatics and make my disappointment known. Give them a storm of calls and mail because we MUST REFUSE to let this pass. Battletech is where we draw the line, dig our heels and refuse to give them any more than Fanatics/Topps/Catalyst have.

  10. Get woke – go broke. I have bought a lot of Battletech-anything over the years. Pretty much every supplement produced by FASA, et al, through the Chaos March and the FedCom Civil War…until the Jihad, because that and what came after was complete shit. I've written fan fiction for BT, that is on the CGL boards – at least for the time being. I had been hearing nice things about the "IlKhan Era", and was considering getting back into the franchise. Not now. I noticed a very different moderation style on their boards when I started snooping around a few weeks ago, that was disturbingly Woke-like in nature. Now, I see that I was not wrong. I will no longer buy one single product from Catalyst Game Labs, until they replace their entire leadership staff with sane individuals who are capable of rational and coherent thought….at the bare minimum.

    I know that I am not alone.

    The Blakists may have won this round, but Catalyst Game Labs are going to go down harder that the House of Cameron.

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