Batya Ungar-Sargon: Progressives Wage CLASS WAR On The Working Class— And Ask Them To Pay For It

Batya Ungar-Sargon criticizes student loan forgiveness as an attack on the non-college educated working class and a tax cut for the rich. #StudentDebtForgiveness #Biden #StudentLoans

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  1. Hasn't the Democratic Party been using the poor to fuel their wealth building since they convinced thousands of poor, white southerners to go die to preserve their 'particular' instiution that mostly served the upper class of the South?

  2. I think this is a symptom of nobody likes to think themselves as part of the "Elite" in America, because our perspective is comparative of what the people in our neighborhood, our friends, and our family earns. $80k a year does not seem like a lot of money to people, but it puts you in the top 15% of the entire country.

  3. What is wrong with student loan forgiveness? How about the generational pipeline of kids that joined the military and fought over the last 20 years in two wars, because the military would pay for their college?

    The same people who say "But it was their choice". Aren't looking themselves in the mirror about their choice to take on student loans.

  4. This is how politics hijacks the brain. The Republican platform is more aligned with your Christian Values, but then something that truly helps the working class gets enacted by the other tribe and now you have to do mental gymnastics to argue for why it’s really garbage, in order to avoid cognitive dissonance.
    This goes the other way around too for ppl who identify with the D platform. It’s really a system that keeps us in an irrational tribal warfare state of mind. It’s genius.
    We have got to step back from this trap and start having conversations outside of this tribal bubble they want to keep us in.

  5. What is this girls talking about??? Elites??? 40 millions American saddled with student debt and most of them, gonna give her the Benoit of the doubt, that would be more than 50%, so let’s just say 20 million for the sake of argument are elites??? Give me a break! Elites are the top 1% who get tax breaks, PPP loans forgiveness,Wall Street bailouts, those are the elites! Get outta here with this gibberish.

  6. So give debt relief to the college kids but nothing for the working class and people that went to vocational schools to learn a trade that enriches our communities. I'm not interested in funding another woke libtard clone that they're hatching from these universities with a liberal arts degree.

  7. This is disgraceful you left so much out of your report that is incredibly relevant and puts a different light on many of the facts that you just opposed

  8. Ironically it was Ben Shapiro that said CEO get paid more because they take in the risk of the company.

    Now I think…. What risk? If you make enough there is no risk. Your profits and salary are not at risk. Your bonus is not ask risk. If you have a bad year the government will bail you out. Yet employees are always at risk of being fired for cheaper labor and cuts for profits.

  9. Bravo – great breakdown of the progressive hypocrisy! I remember reading Jim Hightower and Molly Ivins books back in college. Those were progressive ideals. These new folks are elitists masking as progressives. Look at their attitudes and behavior – controlling, judgmental, self-righteous. They pay lip service to the lower classes and hide the disdain behind closed doors. I know firsthand – I grew up poor and gained access to those circles at a young age. Most "progressives" are insufferable SNOBS. Do not be fooled by their virtue signaling, they are just as sneaky conniving and judgmental as the "others" they paint with a broad brush.

  10. Why do critics of the loan forgiveness always characterize the recipients as doctors and lawyers? They will be out of the 125000 range within a couple years and won’t qualify. Most docs won’t qualify. Relax.

  11. This is exactly right! Some people deserving of relief are going to get relief. It's just like the Affordable Care Act. That was good for a number of deserving people. There were a lot more poor people that had to buy more insurance that just didn't do anything for them. Meanwhile, right after the act passed, professionals found their health insurance companies a lot more generous.

    What should be obvious is that they need to do is forgive loans that have been held so long that there is no collecting on them. An old dude on Social Security should not have such a thing held over his head, but nothing I hear about this "relief" addresses that sort of thing. It's this kind of madness that has to be ended.

    For that matter, Congress needs to overhaul the whole Student Loan system, institute college reform, and dismantle the text book monopoly. I'm fearing this won't happen, until we have an armed revolution. Then, you rub some white guy's face in his "white privilege," while he's working third shift in a gas station once too often, there's no telling what he'll do.

  12. I worked in the US for almost a decade, in an industry full of young graduates, a lot of them from expensive schools like USC, UCLA. Salaries started at around 60k in our offices in LA for those graduates, yet a very small minority was focused on saving a bit and paying off their loans ASAP. For most of them, the biggest priority was leasing a flashy expensive car (BMW, Mercedes) and living the life in CA. Towards the end of my stay in the company, a new benefit was introduced only for people who had student loans, as an additional allowance was given to them on top of existing salary and bonuses, just to cover some of their loan payments. Many of them were still hoping for the government to come in and pay their debts, even as they were getting 8-15% raises every year. I was left speechless.

  13. I don’t think you realize how predatory college schools have become and how many people were lured into getting degrees that don’t matter or were allowed into college when they weren’t even college ready and will never really get a good job, and they paid way too much for it. Many are working at minimum wage jobs. This indeed will help the working class a lot because we ripped them off huge over the last decade.

  14. First, working class people are not paying for this. The government is just writing off debt, and they are not constrained by the money supply. Second, most college educated loan holders ARE working class. That said, forgiving loans does not do anything to fix the student debt crisis.

  15. There is something happening right in front you but you refuse to cover the massive fraud going on in the state of New York, but as soon as you trashed candather off your show. And you claim to report on libertarian issues while refusing to even acknowledge the voter suppression existence

  16. Yeah, Batya Ungar-Sargon definitely has an agenda and I don't think it's good. She's way off on this radar, you're better off listening to Briahna Joy Gray's radar from today August 31st. She's far more accurate on the numbers and who will most benefit from student debt forgiveness. Batya is going after 'progressives' every chance she gets. She says she advocates for the working class, but she twists her narratives to actually hurt them, in the long run. Go back to Newsweek, Batya. We see you loud and clear.

  17. And lastly, these middle age working class ppl whom never went to college most likely have children that did and also benefit from not having to help out an play the debt of these ppl

  18. As a teacher with a master's degree making $55k/year, I'm happy to have my student loan debt forgiven. It will go a long way to a middle class lifestyle. But I understand the frustration for those who don't even have degrees having to help pay off the degrees of folks making an excess of $100/year.

  19. It's funny. Most of the kids that have expensive student loans are from a poorer class of people. But she keeps bringing up class warfare. She's dumb. A rich kid can pay for college. Poor kids can't.

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